(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2291 — Nothing Is Slowing Down | Red October, The Hunt Is On, The World Is Waking Up

Source: X22Report – Oct 1, 2020

Nothing Is Slowing Down, Everything Is Accelerating, Keep An Eye On Gold – Episode 2291a

The MSM and the financial pundits don’t understand why the economy keeps improving during a recession. Retail moves higher, unemployment declines, housing market moves up, it just doesn’t make sense. Welcome to the illusion. Gold pushes higher, keep an eye on gold. Trump helps the airlines with stimulus, the economy is coming back and the [CB] can’t stop it.

Video(16:21): https://youtu.be/QZ5ZZCji1D0

Red October, The Hunt Is On, The World Is Waking Up, It’s Time, Patriots Have It All – Episode 2291b

The [DS]/MSM continue to push their agenda, but the American people see right thru it, they no longer believe in it. The hunt is on, Trump and the patriots are now pushing forward, they have everything, the world is waking up to the corruption and the lies and the [DS]/MSM cannot stop it no matter how much the censor.

Video(42:47): https://youtu.be/hn9w1NIZua4

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