(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2293 — Setup Complete For The Election | Looking Glass Was The Signal

Source: X22Report – Oct 4, 2020

Economic Playbook Used Against The MSM/[DS], Setup Complete For The Election – Episode 2293a

The patriots are now in control the economic narrative, once Trump brought the unemployment numbers down to 7.9% it is game over for the [CB]/MSM, they can no longer use this as talking point. The politicians voted on their paychecks very quickly but took their time when it came to the people receiving stimulus. The economic narrative controls how people will vote.

Video(14:09): https://youtu.be/WkI9qDXyQ9w

[DS] Playbook Used Against Them, Think Warp Speed, Looking Glass Was The Signal – Episode 2293b

The [DS]/MSM moved forward with their latest plan, use the virus to get Trump off debate circuit, stop the SC confirmation and use fear and chaos. This all failed, the patriots already knew the playbook and Trump is now using this to his benefit. Is this about the virus or the election, is this about the riots or the election, it’s all about the election. How do you remove fear, how do you counter everything the [DS] is trying to do, you introduce the cure.

Video(33:04): https://youtu.be/dc7gQ3MyYBk

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