[Sgt_Report:[ ALERT: YouTube TERMINATED BOTH !SGT! Report channels on October 15, 2020 without warning or cause. Both channels were in good standing with ZERO community guidelines strikes. This is fascist electronic book burning!! TRUTH and REAL news will be live at !(SGTreport.TV)!

[SGTReport] – Oct 16, 2020

Dear friends,
PLEASE help get the word out. PLEASE Tweet to @TeamYouTube and ask them to reverse this, I would happily do the same for you.
They just terminated my access to BOTH of my channels for releasing a video last night about the new [H]unter [B]iden emails, and the Seal Team 6 information coming from whistleblower Allen Parrot and [B]_enghazi whistleblower Nick Noe.
Anything that any of you can do on my behalf will leave me in your debt. My work can still be seen at SGTreport.TV and on Patreon (and Bitchute).
Thank you very much, & God bless.

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