If you Wish to Change your World, Change your Vibration | Alcazar Quotes — Voyages of Light – Nov 4, 2020

If You Wish to Change Your World, Change Your Vibration

Following an invitation by Lee Carrol, Prageet Harris with Alcazar gave a channeling on the US elections. Below is a part of it with a link to the full transcript and video.

And so we have been invited to say a few words. In order to address your elections, it is important to take a look at what is occurring in the larger picture, what is occurring in your country, what is occurring in the world. And more importantly, what is occurring in consciousness. For as you are all aware, change is happening very rapidly on your earth.So from our perspective, we wish to say a little about what we see.

For us it is not about politics. It is not about one party or the other, one set of ideals over another. It is about transforming the consciousness of humanity. At this time your politics is not interested in consciousness. Yet consciousness is the critical factor in creating change. Without a raising of consciousness, change will not occur. Yes, the faces will be different — this party or that party, this politician or that politician. But consciousness is needed to create the evolution of change that is needed here on your earth desperately.

– Alcazar

– Channeling for “The New Normal” hosted by Lee Carrol

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Daily Quote for November 4, 2020 | Abraham-Hicks — Voyages of Light

Not only does the thought you are choosing right now attract the next thought and the next . . . and so on—it also provides the basis of your alignment with your Inner Being. As you consistently and deliberately think and speak more of what you do want and less of what you do not want, you will find yourself more often in alignment with the pure, positive essence of your own Source; and under those conditions, your life will be extremely pleasing to you.

Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

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(U.S.) Democrats Altering Election With CIA App Scorecard

Source: Before Its News | By Judy Byington – November 4, 2020

(U.S.) Election Night 3 Nov. the swing states of Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan suddenly called a halt to their vote counting, despite President Trump being ahead and uncatchable.

Read more: https://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2020/11/democrats-altering-election-with-cia-app-scorecard-3217076.html

Supporting | The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – Nov 4, 2020

A gentle reminder… 

Those around you are going to think what they think, do what they do and will keep their dearest and/or most

devastating thoughts to themselves until they feel safe enough to express. The most obvious and the most missed key to all of it; there is nothing you, as an individual, can do to change it for them. It is part of supporting those you care for most while they walk their own path in their own way. That, dearest child, is Unconditional Love. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: Supporting — The Creator Writings

Flu season protection: Discover how ginseng supports a strong immune system | NaturalHealth365


By: Karen Sanders | November 4, 2020

(NaturalHealth365) Don’t become a medical statistic – this coming flu season.  Today, we’ll talk about how ginseng can help to support a strong immune system response.

As you probably know: seasonal influenza can be a rapidly-spreading and highly contagious health issue that leads to 291,000 and 645,000 fatalities worldwide every year. Although most healthy adults recover from bouts of the flu with nothing more serious than unpleasant memories of fever, aches and pains, the fact is that a flu can and does increase the risk of premature death – in people with a compromised immune system.

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Filmen ”V for Vendetta” från 2005 har 5 paralleller med 2020 | NewsVoice

NewsVoice – 4 November, 2020

FILM & POLITIK. ”Remember, remember the fifth of November”, så inleds ett poem till minne av Guy Fawkes krutkonspiration år 1605 med avsikten att lönnmörda Englands kung Jakob den 1:a genom att spränga det engelska överhuset i Westminsterpalatset. Filmen ”V for Vendetta” från 2005 är en av popkulturens stora ikonfilmer baserad på Guy Fawkes som blev en symbol för folkets kamp mot regeringsförtyck. Filmen låg före sin tid och verkligheten har idag överträffat dikten.

Läs mer & videoclip(3:32): “V For Vendetta Speech – Seeds of Revolution! HD”: Filmen ”V for Vendetta” från 2005 har 5 paralleller med 2020 — NewsVoice.se

Targeting child trafficking: 388 arrested across Europe | Europol Newsroom

Europol Newsrom – November 4, 2020

More than 60 minors were identified as potential victims of human trafficking during joint action days

Europol, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom coordinated a Europe-wide joint action day targeting child trafficking. The operation, also supported by Frontex, took place between 5 and 11 October 2020 and involved 12* countries. 

A wide range of law enforcement authorities including police, immigration and border control agencies, transport police, social assistance and child protection services and labour inspectorates participated in the joint action.

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What the Angelics Are Putting in Your Energy Fields ∞The 9D Arcturian Council | Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – Nov 4, 2020

What the Angelics Are Putting in Your Energy Fields ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very impressed by all of you and the way that you have handled yourselves throughout this very tumultuous calendar year. We want to assure you that you will be rewarded by the Universe. You will be rewarded by your Higher Selves. You will be rewarded by yourselves, as you have continuously found ways to release negative energies, blockages, old beliefs, and so much more, making yourselves the ideal vessels for the energies that are continuing to come in to cradle you in light and love at this time.

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Throw Away those stupid Masks! |The Final Wakeup Call

People Themselves Determine the End of COVID

If we don’t end it now, it will soon be impossible to end it!

Will more people start fighting for their liberty?

One World Government

Big Brother is Watching You

The Medical Mafia attacks your Immune System

COVID-19 Pandemic is the New World Order Roadmap

By The Final Wakeup Call – November 4, 2020

Covid Hoax for Total Surveillance, Control and Enslavement

Every shutdown, closure, mask mandate, limitation of crowd size, forced temperature test, travel restriction, forced corona test, person who loses his/her job for personal speech that contradicts the official narrative, act of social media censorship, church that stops assembling, every attempt to disrupt your ability to make a living, shop, bank, worship, recreate, socialise or engage in free enterprise is a deliberate assault against your Liberty.These are not mere inconveniences.

These are calculated, disgusting, destructive, draconian, demonic and damnable attacks against your Liberty. How long are you going to tolerate it? Continue Reading → The Final Wakeup Call

Nederlands: Gooi die stomme maskers weg

Mensen bepalen zelf het einde van COVID Als we het nu niet beëindigen, zal het binnenkort onmogelijk zijn het te beëindigen! Zullen meer mensen gaan vechten voor hun vrijheid? Eén wereldregering Big Brother houdt je in de gaten De medische…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Werfen Sie diese dummen Masken weg

Die Menschen bestimmen das Ende von COVID selbst Wenn wir es jetzt nicht beenden, wird es bald unmöglich sein, es zu beenden! Werden mehr Menschen für ihre Freiheit kämpfen? Eine Weltregierung Big Brother beobachtet Sie Die Medizinmafia greift Ihr Immunsystem…Continue Reading →

This roadmap seems to be right on track with what we now are seeing advance our way. It’s time the people wake up from their inertiaTURN OFF THE TELEVISION, quit believing the narrative of the government paradigm and start shutting down tyrants and defending your liberty!

Source: Sonsoflibertymedia.com