Mike Flynn: President Trump on Track to Crush [B]iden | Public Intelligence Blog

Robert David Steele

Public Intelligence Blog – November 13, 2020

ROBERT STEELE: Because I know Mike Flynn, I want to very explicitly say that I have not heard from him in the past year or so as he has been incommunicado while engaged in the fight for his life against the Deep State.  I have many other sources and I am pledging to each of you on my life, my (non-existent) fortune, and my (considerable) sacred honor that President Trump has this locked up.  We have every detail and not only will this destroy the political traitors in both parties and the financial people behind them, it will also take down the moles across the US Government starting in the national security community including secret intelligence. The media, starting with AP and NYT, is toast.  They are completely exposed and will be held accountable for sedition, RICO complicity in electoral fraud, and more more.

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