Thousands of Pro-Trump supporters descend on DC for ‘Million MAGA March’ near White House | Fox News

Women for America First 'March for Trump' rally

By Marisa Schultz | Fox News – November 14, 2020

Tens of thousands of President Trump supporters gathered Saturday in Washington echoed claims of voter fraud and urged him not to concede to President-elect Joe Biden — then were rewarded by an appearance from Trump himself.

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U.S. Presidential Election 2020 News: Pelosi-owned Programming That Threw Election to [B]iden Was Before the Supreme Court

By Judy Byington – November 14, 2020 | BEFORE IT´S NEWS

Charges of CIA created, Pelosi-owned programming that threw out Trump votes and switched 38 million other votes from Trump to [B]iden was now under consideration by the Supreme Court.

Three Whistleblower-Programmers from Dominion Company have claimed that their software was programmed to and did change 38 million votes to steal the election for [B]iden. The Hammer and Scorecard programs originated with the CIA. The software’s major owner was Paul Pelosi – Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Pelosi’s chief of staff was a key executive of Dominion Software and Senator Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, was a shareholder. Robert Muller FBI provided the computers for the Hammer.

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A Wondrous World Awaits! | John F. Kennedy via Losha — Voyages of Light – Nov 15, 2020

Voyages of Light | JFK Message – A Wondrous World Awaits!

November 14, 2020

Message from John F. Kennedy

My fellow Americans…I feel that I can truly say that again now…and it is the Truth!

Much has happened since my last message through this muse of mine…and there is still much happening, in this moment. I have been itching to help out even more than I have been able to from my perch here in the “world of the beyond”. There are times when I miss being in my physical body from my last lifetime as President of the United States of America.

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Channeled by Losha.

Forgive the World | Heavenletters #1599 — Voyages of Light – Nov 14, 2020

Voyages of Light | Forgive the World | Heavenletters

NOV 14 2020

(Rainbow Wave of Light)

God said:

When someone isn’t as nice to you as you would have them be, then this is an opportunity for you to be kinder than they. Their words, their attitude may assault you. This is where it is incumbent upon you to give what they didn’t.

If you cannot return their seeming ill-will with goodwill at the moment, then later, in the privacy of your heart, send them goodwill belatedly. You are not asking anything of them; you are asking of yourself. You are asking yourself to return to a place of peace. You are asking for your sense of love to be restored. Someone’s speech or action took you aback. Your sense of well-being wobbled for a while, and now you lift your head, not in retaliation, but in what serves you and the universe best.

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The Congregation | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – Nov 14, 2020

“The Congregation”

Prelude defined as
The introduction to
The grand celebration

This one comes
Without any delay
A meticulous planning

Timed to coincide
With major synchronicities
Already in action

The festive ceremony
In a moment


Poem and photo by Jasper Kesteloo, Poetry of Light

via The Congregation | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light