Love is the Answer to Fear | Alcazar Quotes — Voyages of Light – Nov 16, 2020

Love Is the Answer to Fear

The best way to create a higher vibration permanently, which is what is needed, is to dissolve the limitations, the fear in your life. Every limitation is based in fear. Whatever the limitation, the root of it is fear. And as you know, the opposite of fear is love. And so love is the answer. You have to look inside and see where is it I am not loving myself? What is creating the limitation that I am seeing right now? When you have a limitation that you are aware of, ask yourself, “Where within this limitation am, I not loving myself? How am I judging myself? How am I saying to myself I am not good enough? How am I saying to myself, I don’t deserve?

Understand that you are the one, who is creating the limitation, maintaining the limitation. Initially these limitations are unconscious. Then when you are able to resolve them, they become conscious. But as you know, you can be conscious of many of your limitations, but they do not go away. They do not go away because you have not investigated them, you have not discovered the unconscious feeling and thought behind that limitation.

– Alcazar
Maui, 2018

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