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Power of Thoughts to Create Balance

Your thoughts create chemicals. Your brain actually is constantly creating chemicals which then affect the physical body. This is a process which is part of being human. So, your thoughts are constantly creating chemicals which give your body the experience of that thought. So, when you feel happy, the brain creates chemicals and the body starts to feel happy. Every emotion that you have creates a different chemical. That chemical affects the body and the body feels that emotion. The brain allows the body, through the creation of these chemicals, to feel, that is what you came here for, to experience in the physical.

Your Superconsciousness wants to feel and you do that through the body. And so, when we’re focusing on something with our thoughts, chemicals are created and the body feels that. So, all the various imbalances that we have in our body, we create them with our thoughts. Many of those thoughts are unconscious or subconscious thought programs. The subconscious is programmed by repetition. Many of those programs, as you know, were created when you were a small child.

– Alcazar, Going Quantum, Session 2, June 2020

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