A “day of reckoning” is coming – Lin Wood reveals, “the evidence I have is stunning!” | NaturalNews.com

Image: A “day of reckoning” is coming – Lin Wood reveals, “the evidence I have is stunning!”

December 02, 2020 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) John Fredericks interviews Lin Wood, Dec. 1st, 2020: Full transcript by NaturalNews.com – full video shown at the bottom of this transcript.

Audio Transcript

John Fredericks: Lin Wood, thanks for being with us, sir.

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Lin Wood: President Trump will be inaugurated in January | NaturalNews.com

December 02, 2020 by: Franz Walker

(Natural News) Lin Wood has stated that President Donald Trump will be inaugurated for his second term this coming January based on investigations into voter fraud on Dominion Voting Systems’ machines.

Wood made the claim during an interview with The John Fredericks Show where he discussed the details of his recent court victory. Specifically, he was talking about the recent court decision to impound Dominion vote machines in three counties in Georgia.

“Dominion originated in Venezuela. It’s a Canadian company. Its servers were used in Barcelona and in Frankfurt,” he said. “There’s no question that there will be overwhelming evidence that foreign countries, including China were involved in interfering with our elections.”

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Gräsrotsekonomi – Ett sätt att avstå från rådande maktstruktur | VAKEN.se


VAKEN.se2 December, 2020

All beslutsmakt över penningpolitiken ligger hos Riksbanken (Rb). Ingen myndighet får bestämma över RB:s beslut när det gäller penningpolitik. Riksdagen är endast RB:s huvudman och ägare. RB:s direktion består av sex personer, med Stefan Ingves som Riksbankschef. Denna grupp privatpersoner har all beslutsmakt över svensk penningpolitik. Detta är lagstadgat sedan den 1 januari 1999. Riksbanken bestämmer hur mycket pengar som ska finnas i landet. Personerna i Riksbankens revision kan alltså trycka in nya siffror riksbanksdatorn och välja vem som ska stå som ägare för dessa, precis hur de vill. När de skapar nya pengar riskerar de inflation, alltså att värdet på pengarna minskar. För att hindra inflation behövs deflation.

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22 Scientists Publish Paper Claiming The PCR Test Is “Useless” For Detecting COVID-19 Cases | Collective Evolution

Collectiv Evolution | By Arjun Walia – December 2, 2020

  • The Facts: 22 researchers have put out a paper explaining why, according to them, it’s quite clear that the PCR test is not effective in identifying COVID-19 cases. As a result we may be seeing a significant amount of false positives.
  • Reflect On: Why are we being discouraged to ask certain questions and share certain information that calls into question the official mainstream narrative about this pandemic?

What Happened: recent publication titled “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR” recently published in the Journal Eurosurveillance has come under fire by 22 scientists/independent researchers. The publication claims that the RT-qPCR tests used for detecting COVID-19 is quite robust and a useful tool, but the independent publication presents a number of scientific and methodological “blemishes” that has them confident “that the editorial board of Eurosurveillance has no other choice but to retract the publication.”

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BOMBSHELL SCAM Exposed: Data reveals that “the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming,” according to Johns Hopkins analyst | NaturalHealth365


By: Sara Middleton | December 2, 2020

(NaturalHealth365) If you recently saw any mention of this COVID-19 bombshell on social media, you likely didn’t see it there for long. This viral piece of news is being rapidly censored on all major platforms and news outlets – and it’s making Johns Hopkins University senior professor Genevieve Briand somewhat of a household name.

The breaking news from Dr. Briand serves as a massive exposé about U.S. COVID deaths and seriously calls into question the re-emergence of lockdown measures and the normalization of government overreach.

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COVID & the Great Reset – Connecting the Dots (PART 2) | The Truth About Cancer

great reset part 2

By Ty Bollinger | The Truth About Cancer

Read Part 1 Here

Health Passports & “Hacking” Humans

A few months ago, the WEF announced CommonPass, which is a platform with the purpose “to develop and launch a standard global model to enable people to securely document and present their COVID-19 status (either as test results or an eventual vaccination status) to facilitate international travel and border crossing while keeping their health information private.” Last month, United Airlines tested the first transatlantic trial of CommonPass. The WEF also supports another health passport initiative called CovidPass, which “uses blockchain technology to store encrypted data from individual blood tests, allowing users to prove that they have tested negative for COVID-19.”

Read more, part 1 summary & videos:”How to Survive the 21st Century | DAVOS 2020″(49:53) and “”Next Crisis Bigger than COVID” – Power Grid/Finance Down – WEF Cyber Polygon”(14:03

COVID & the Great Reset – Connecting the Dots… — The Truth About Cancer

[U.S.] Dominion-Trained IT Contractor Blows Up Michigan Hearing: ‘They Were Re-Scanning, Counting Ballots 8 To 10 Times’ | HAF

Dominion Trained It Contractor Blows Up Michigan Hearing ‘they Were Re Scanning, Counting Ballots 8 To 10 Times’

HAF – December 1, 2020 | Source: Thegatewaypundit.com / Reference: YouTube.com

The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on Tuesday held a hearing in Lansing on election fraud and irregularities.

A Dominion-trained IT contractor named Melissa Carone absolutely blew up the Michigan hearing on Tuesday.

Melissa Carone dropped many truth bombs, blew the whistle on Dominion workers and revealed ballots were being tabulated in the Department of Elections which is completely illegal.

Read more & video(18:57): “Dominion Contractor Drops a HUGE testimony in front of MI Senate Committee on Oversight”: https://humansarefree.com/2020/12/dominion-trained-it-contractor-blows-up-michigan-hearing-they-were-re-scanning-counting-ballots.html

[U.S.] Arizona State Rep Issues Call To Withhold State’s Electoral College Votes To Joe [B]iden Due To Significant Evidence Of Fraud | HAF

Mark Finchem

HAF – December 1, 2020 | Source: Thegatewaypundit.com

Arizona state representative Mark Finchem (district 11) on Monday issued a call to withhold the state’s Electoral College votes for Joe [B]iden because “he believes there is enough significant evidence of fraud to invalidate the state’s votes.”

Read more: https://humansarefree.com/2020/12/arizona-state-rep-issues-call-to-withhold-states-electoral-college-votes-to-joe-biden-due-to-significant-evidence-of-fraud.html

Regeringen fick bakläxa på coronahanteringen från allians | NewsVoice

Bild: Maneka Helleberg representerar World Freedom Alliance

NewsVoice – 2 December, 2020

CORONAHANTERINGEN. Organisationen World Freedom Alliance lämnade över en rejäl lunta med information om coronaviruset till Regeringen. Materialet ska enligt organisationen innehålla fakta som talar emot lockdowns av länder på grund av Covid-19, användningen av vissa läkemedel, hanteringen av sjuka och de höga dödstalen i statistiken. Skrivelsen ifrågasätter även respekten inför de mänskliga rättigheterna.

Läs mer & video(3:50): “Manifestation i Stockholm 30 november 2020”:

Regeringen fick bakläxa på coronahanteringen från allians — NewsVoice.se

Signs of Weakness — The Final Wakeup Call

Never believe government’s numbers

More Scam to keep the show going

Elites are Desperate to stay on in power

The ‘race to debase’ your purchasing power

Our Revolution has started

The Final Wakeup Call – December 2, 2020

The Weakness of paper money

Precisely this non-backing of currency is the inherent weakness of our “paper money”, governments have the power to declare paper to be “legal tender”, but they do not have the power to give that money value. This is something that no one, especially not politicians will tell you, if they even understand this. All Central Banks should be abolished. The average citizen doesn’t have a clue how dangerous and corrupt the Central Bank Money System and their governments really are. They are worldwide the greatest enemy of the people.

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Nederlands: Tekens van zwakte

Geloof nooit de cijfers van de overheid Meer oplichterij om de show gaande te houden Elites proberen wanhopig aan de macht te blijven De race om je koopkracht te verlagen Onze revolutie is nu begonnen   De zwakte van het…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Hinzeige von Schwäche

Glauben Sie niemals den Zahlen der Regierung Mehr Betrug, um die Show am Laufen zu halten Eliten versuchen verzweifelt, an der Macht zu bleiben Der Wettlauf zur Senkung Ihrer Kaufkraft Unsere Revolution hat jetzt begonnen   Die Schwäche des Papiergeldes…Continue Reading →