[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2344 — Trump Gets Waller On Fed Board | It Begins And Ends With The Keystone

By X22 Report – December 3, 2020

Ep 2344ba – Trump Gets Waller On Fed Board, Shelton Standing By, Restructure On Deck

The economy continues to improve, the [CB]/[DS] plan has failed, the economy did not implode on itself. The US is going to come out as the shining star. Trump gets one of this nominees into position, Shelton is standing by, everything is going according to the plan.

Video(19:36): https://rumble.com/vbksht-ep-2344ba-trump-gets-waller-on-fed-board-shelton-standing-by-restructure-on.html

Ep. 2344b – It Begins And Ends With The Keystone, [DS] Battle Plan Known, Military Control

Trump and the patriots know the playbook of the [DS], they are using their plan against them. The [e] fraud is off the charts and now the evidence is being produced. We are now seeing video evidence and other evidence. This is just the beginning. The [DS] plan lets us know they will be trying to create delays in the electoral counting, they are trying to make it so nobody becomes President, then call on the military. Trump and the patriots know the playbook, it begun in with the keystone state and will end there, military control, constitution is the only way forward.

Video(41:22): https://rumble.com/vbkssx-ep.-2344b-it-begins-and-ends-with-the-keystone-ds-battle-plan-known-militar.html

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