[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2351 — [CB] Pandemic Great Reset Big Fail | Marker Revealed, Trump New EO

By X22 Report – December 11, 2020

Ep. 2351a – [CB] Pandemic Great Reset Big Fail, What’s Next

The [CB]s have played their card, they are trying to destroy small businesses, Gov and Mayors are taking orders from them and they are continuing the lockdowns. Now those same states are hurting and the people see who is responsible. The [CB] great reset plan has failed, what will they try next.

Video(15:27): https://rumble.com/vbt6bf-ep.-2351a-cb-pandemic-great-reset-big-fail-whats-next.html

Ep. 2351b – Marker Revealed, Trump New EO, Durham, GW, Surprise Attack

The [DS]/MSM have played their hand, they cheated and manipulated the election to get [JB] into office. Now we see stories about China, [NP][ES][HB] and [JB] leaked out. We see Gov and mayors with the Chinese, it is all being exposed to the American people. Time has just placed [JB] & [KH] on the cover, marker revealed. Trump just signed an EO for Dec 24, it has begun.

Video(39:55): https://rumble.com/vbt6sd-ep.-2351b-marker-revealed-trump-new-eo-durham-gw-surprise-attack.html

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