[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2352 — Economy Continues To Improve | Art Of The Deal, SC Just Gave Trump The Answer

By X22 Report – December 13, 2020

Ep. 2352a – The Economy Continues To Improve, [CB] Pushes Fear

The economy continues to improve, GDP numbers are moving up even with Gov and Mayors keeping their states locked down. [CB]s around the world are pushing fear, out in the UK the BE is now reporting they could see shortages because of BREXIT. It is reporting that a hacking team hacked into the Treasury.

Video(16:14): https://rumble.com/vbuze5-ep.-2352a-the-economy-continues-to-improve-cb-pushes-fear.html

Ep. 2352b – Art Of The Deal, SC Just Gave Trump The Answer, 2018 EO On Deck, Blackout Coming

Trump has now received the answer he needed from the Supreme Court. The plan worked perfectly. The China buildup is now happening, the leaks on how China interfered and how government officials received instructions from the Chinese to interfere in the election. The [DS] is now pushing the Red1, the removal of Trump’s twitter account and then we will see a blackout of social media. Be prepared.

Video(48:12): https://rumble.com/vbuzrr-ep.-2352b-art-of-the-deal-sc-just-gave-trump-the-answer-2018-eo-on-deck-bla.html

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