[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2355 — [CB]s To Handle The Pandemic Vaccine | Zuckerberg Election Interference

By X22 Report – December 16, 2020

Ep. 2355a – [CB]s To Handle The Pandemic Vaccine, People Must See It To Believe It

The corrupt politicians are holding back helping the people because they don’t like the other side. Their first priority is to help the people. The US is now labeling certain countries currency manipulators. The WEF is now pushing their Great Reset agenda and they want the [CB] to help with the the vaccination program.

Video(18:48): https://rumble.com/vby8v1-ep.-2355a-cbs-to-handle-the-pandemic-vaccine-people-must-see-it-to-believe-.html

Ep. 2355b – We Have The Source, Assange On Deck, Zuckerberg Election Interference

The [DS]/MSM are panicking, they announced that all 50 states certified the elections but [KH] still has not resigned from the senate, why? The evidence is now being produced and audits are being done, the results are coming in and there is election fraud. PV release a recording of Assange, the patriots have the source, everything is now building upon each other.The AMA admitted that there was no reason to keep HCQ from the people, class action lawsuits can be very effective.

Video(38:53): https://rumble.com/vby93d-ep.-2355b-we-have-the-source-assange-on-deck-zuckerberg-election-interferen.html

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