[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2363 — The True Economic Motivation Of Congress | [DS] Builds The [FF] Narrative, Patriots At The Ready

By X22 Report – December 27, 2020

Ep 2363a – Sometimes You Must Show The People The True Economic Motivation Of Congress

Trump and the patriots are now showing the people how congress does not truly care about the American people. People have the economy in common, and now the people see that congress is more concerned with sending money over seas than helping out the people.

Video(17:18): https://x22report.com/aiovg_videos/ep-2363a-sometimes-you-must-show-the-people-the-true-economic-motivation-of-congress/

Ep 2363b – [DS] Builds The [FF] Narrative, Patriots At The Ready, Countermeasures In Place

The plan is in place and the [DS] is building their narrative of a total communications blackout. According to the constitution is all comes down to Pence, will he accept the electoral votes that are illegal or will he only count the legal votes. The patriots know the [DS]/MSM playbook and are prepared for any scenario. The [DS]/MSM are getting ahead of the deep fake video story by show fake videos now. How do you remove blocks, declas, delcas.

Video(36:14): https://x22report.com/aiovg_videos/ep-2363b-ds-builds-the-ff-narrative-patriots-at-the-ready-countermeasures-in-place/