[Video] 3D to 5D Consciousness: Trudeau’s clone, breach in US Capitol, Fake shooting, Sting operation exposed, Pence’s betrayal, and Italy busted for election interference.

Nyla Nguyen | 3D to 5D Consciousness – published on 10 Jan 2021 

Nothing is what it seems, Trudeau is back in the public view. Don’t believe the illusion. It’s a clone. I’m exposing the fake breach in the US Capitol. It was organized by Demon rats and their Antifa operatives. The fake shooting is also exposed. The woman was not shot dead. The demon rats fell for another sting operation. This time it is going to cause them their lives. It’s checkmate for them. Traitors in the GOP Party exposed. I’m also explaining Trump “so-called” concession message.

Video(1:28:20): https://ugetube.com/watch/trudeau-s-clone-breach-in-us-capitol-fake-shooting-sting-operation-exposed-pence-s-betrayal-and-ital_VM4ujHogNoV4KNd.html

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[Video] BREAKING: Supreme Court of Italy Legal Counsel Testifies Interference In Election[U.S.]

Published January 9, 2021

BREAKING: Video of Supreme Court of Italy legal counsel testifying under oath about interference in 2020 election

Read more & video(2:18): https://www.brighteon.com/907d352b-586b-4d71-bb18-d7002d420969

More Changes… | The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – January 10, 2021

Darkness has again shown its face to the world in a most unexpected way.  Now, it is up to you to choose how to react.  You can consciously realize that it wishes to invoke fear, hatred, anxiety and feelings of loss or…you can focus on pure love, pure truth and pure intention knowing The Universe will be there to guide and support you. 

Over the next few days and weeks, more changes will be arriving.  You have been practicing, growing and learning in ways your Earth plane has never seen before.  You are here to advance the reality of a peaceful world so, keep moving forward, dear ones! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: More Changes… — The Creator Writings

Three Eminent Epidemiologists Explain Why They Strongly Oppose Lockdowns For Covid-19 | Collective Evolution

Collective Evolution | By Arjun Walia – January 10, 2021

  • The Facts: Three eminent epidemiologists explain why they, and many others, believe the response to the pandemic should be much different than what it is.
  • Reflect On: Are government health authorities really doing the right thing? Are they really protecting us? Has there been conflicts of interest? Are they really concerned about our health and well being or is something else going on here?

Censorship of information by Big-Tech, all of whom have strong connections to Department of Defense agencies and big politics, is at an all time high. Not only has a sitting president had his social media accounts completely wiped out,  but thousands of doctors, scientists, journalists and people have had the same thing happen to them….

Read more & video(32:27): “Dissenting scientists issue Covid-19 herd immunity declaration”: Three Eminent Epidemiologists Explain Why They Strongly Oppose Lockdowns For Covid-19 — Collective Evolution


Dr Charlie Ward | First published at 20:13 UTC on January 9th, 2021.

Video(1:03:50): https://www.bitchute.com/video/aamW4gOqOAnC/

Dr Charlie Ward website: https://DrCharlieWard.com

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Daily Teachings of the Masters | January 9, 2020 — Voyages of Light

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Saturday, January 9, 2020

Create opportunities for freedom.

Create opportunities for new enjoyments to occur.

While you weren’t looking you have passed on many levels of excitement and attitude.

From this venture this placement will spring forward new gifts and awarenesses.

Make a place for it, make a space for it.
Do not assume

that everything is status quo.

This is hardly the case.

Your attitude is key.

Assume that you are now in a new timeline.

Act as if but not from the place of a hoping attitude.

More from an attitude and assurance of discovery.

The pause is indicated and essential.

Less rushing about and more of a pause, a leisurely approach.

You are learning to relax the mind and allow the spaciousness for self revelation.


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