Sensitive Coherence Connection | Alcazar Quotes — Voyages of Light – January 25, 2021

Sensitive Coherence Connection

So the trick is just to keep one eye on your vibration and one eye on what’s going on outside. I heard Osho describe that as a double pointed arrow. There’s the arrow of our awareness pointing outward that we’re used to focusing on. But if you keep one arrow pointing inward, then as you’re watching the outside, you’re watching your vibration ripple with everything that’s coming in — and you’re watching your internal world. That can happen with your intention and your attention. So visualize that arrow right now as I’m speaking. You can feel it right now. I feel the vibration of my voice as if it’s moving through ripples. Alcazar is coaxing us into this place of sensitive coherence connection. So set the intention to stay aware of the energy field and as you become aware of it, in this moment, feel the energy and it becomes a little stronger. What’s actually happening, is that your awareness is reaching into the field. So we are all conductors of a great symphony that’s wanting to come through us.

– Prageet

Expanding into Superconsciousness, Thanksgiving, 2020

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