You are that Which you Seek | Alcazar Quotes — Voyages of Light – February 8, 2021

You Are That Which You Seek

So, one of the questions that we get asked a lot is what’s the difference between your Superconsciousness and your higher self or your soul? Alcazar says the higher self or the soul are just two names for the same thing basically, and the soul has the ability to subdivide into twelve different aspects. One of those aspects is you, the Superconscious, that’s having a series of human experiences.

So, the Superconscious exists in the Quantum Field, the soul exists in the Quantum Field, and this is where the logic — the way that our minds perceive things — we have to move beyond that 3D logic as we start to connect with the Quantum Field. Because we are this Superconscious self. The Superconscious self is the soul. The soul is spirit. So how can all these things be at the same time? They are; we are; it is. And the masters have said over the ages, over the centuries, “I am God.” That’s a realization that many masters came to when they became enlightened. “You are that which you seek,” is another phrase which many people have heard.

– Prageet

New Year, New Dawn, 2021

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