Videos: Blossom Goodchild – White Cloud – March 6, 2021

Galactic Channelings

Hello Everyone.
Instead of a channelling this week, I have done two new videos. A change is as good as a rest, so they say!
A day early this week, as I am off for a two-day break with the family. ( No computer!)


Website: Blossom Goodchild

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – March 5, 2021

Mike Quinsey

Galactic Channelings

There is so much taking place that you are unaware of which is why when a major announcement is made about it, it will go worldwide. At the appropriate time you will be told why certain action has been taken, and the explanations will be received with both shock and surprise. Unbeknown to most people there has been a major battle taking place between the dark Ones and the Light for millennia of time. It is drawing to a conclusion and as a result many changes will take place to release you from the false position you have been placed in for so long.

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Magical Soul Path | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – March 6, 2021

“Magical Soul Path”

When you allow
Your soul to
Navigate your life

Your path is
Sprinkled with magical
Surprises and excitement

That make you
Sparkle like glittering
Snow in sunlight

The spark turning
Ordinary days bright


Poem and photo by Jasper Kesteloo, Poetry of Light

via Magical Soul Path | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light

[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2420 — Trump Was Right About The Economy | We Are Fighting For You

By X22 Report – March 5, 2021

Ep. 2420a – Trump Was Right About The Economy, [JB] Answers To The [WEF]

States are now opening up and the number of cases is dropping dramatically. Some did say that the it would start to go away by April. Since states are allowing businesses to open up the economy is now bouncing back at lightning speed. [JB] is not in charge of the economy, he is taking orders from the [WEF].


Ep. 2420b – Defcon 1, Fire & Fury, We Are Fighting For You, Message Received

The [DS]/MSM are confused, they don’t know what the patriots are doing, they believed they could force riots, this failed again. Trump and the patriots are playing the long game, they are not going to attack, they won’t need to, the plan is to have the [DS] destroy themselves with their policies. Trump is now setting the stage, the [DS] doesn’t know when Trump is going to make his move. MP sends a message, we are fighting for you.


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Bedrägeriet – ny film och intervju med Reiner Fuellmich | Humanism & Kunskap

Humanism & Kunskap – 5 Mars, 2021

Det som händer idag bygger på en över hundraårig historik med ett innehåll som är synnerligen svårsmält. Kort handlar det om Rockefeller Foundation och en Lock Step (Nedsläckning av samhället) som ger kalla rysningar och som får svåra konsekvenser för mänskliga fri- och rättigheter. Det är det som sker idag.

Läs mer & intervju(25:38): Bedrägeriet – ny film och intervju med Reiner Fuellmich — Humanism & Kunskap