[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2431 — Transition Into A New Economy Continues | Watch The Water, Boomerang

By X22 Report – March 19, 2021

Ep. 2431a – Patriots Exposed China & [JB], Transition Into A New Economy Continues

Newsom has an economic problem on his hand, there are 160,000 humans living on the streets and it that number is growing, maybe thats why people want him recalled. [JB] administration met with Chinese reps, this meeting showed who controlled who, [JB] is now under the control of the Chinese. The transition is moving forward and it is happening in the background.

Video(22:11): https://rumble.com/vetrjb-ep.-2431a-patriots-exposed-china-and-jb-transition-into-a-new-economy-conti.html

Ep. 2431b – Watch The Water, Boomerang, Epstein, Story Goes Much Deeper

 The patriots are now exposing the [DS] to all the people. As each day passes more information is coming out and it is boomeranging on them. The patriots are continually sending messages to the patriots. Trump and the partiots are hitting the [DS] from every side. Dan Scavino tells us to watch the water, Mike Pompeo tells us to watch Iran.

Video(38:58): https://rumble.com/vets9f-ep.-2431b-watch-the-water-boomerang-epstein-story-goes-much-deeper.html

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