[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2443 — [CB] Makes Their Move On Cryptocurrency | Flynn: Forget About 2024, Think Election Fraud

By X22 Report – April 2, 2021

Ep. 2443a – [CB] Makes Their Move On Cryptocurrency, Watch What Happens Next

The [DS]/[CB] infrastructure plan is failing before it begins, people are beginning to realize that this is not about the infrastructure and more about payoffs, climate funding and taxes, everything the people do not want. Trumps economy has taken off since states and business opened. The [CB] now sees Crypto as a threat.

Video(18:43): https://rumble.com/vfb8w9-ep.-2443a-cb-makes-their-move-on-cryptocurrency-watch-what-happens-next.html

Ep. 2443b – Years In The Making, Flynn: Forget About 2024, Think Election Fraud

 The [DS]/MSM are going down the path that the patriots laid out for them. Lurking in the background is election fraud, Durham and other triggers. Trump is letting the people see first hand how bad it can get. The people are reaching the precipice. The power to the people will be returning, the legislatures are now implementing laws that will safeguard the elections. Flynn, says all those people running in 2024 can forget about it, think election fraud.

Video(44:45): https://rumble.com/vfb9br-ep.-2443b-years-in-the-making-flynn-forget-about-2024-think-election-fraud.html

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