[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2445 — Now You Can See It All | Control Returns To The People

By X22 Report – April 6, 2021

Ep. 2445a – Now You Can See It All, Yellen Makes Her Move, Cover Story Initiated

Everything that the patriots put into motion is now reversing at lightning speed. At this speed people can see the [CB] agenda very clearly and the can see their purchasing power erode. Yellen just made move to usher in part of the great reset, a global tax on corporations to remove competition by other countries. The [CB] prepares the worst case scenario and begins the cover story.

Video(19:14): https://rumble.com/vfee91-ep.-2445a-now-you-can-see-it-all-yellen-makes-her-move-cover-story-initiate.html

Ep. 2445b – Boomerang, [DS] Was Tricked & Trapped, Next Phase Coming, Control Returns To The People

The [DS] has fell right in into the trap that the patriots set. Everything is now boomeranging on them and they cannot stop it. The people are taking back control and the patriots plan to take back the country is moving forward. The [DS] players never saw this coming, they looked left while the patriots went right, the prepared for an event that never happened. Trump has always said that we are a nation of laws, the constitution is the way forward.

Video(41:56): https://rumble.com/vfeekf-ep.-2445b-boomerang-ds-was-tricked-and-trapped-next-phase-coming-control-re.html

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