Video x 2: X22 Report 2461 — [CB] Wants Full Control Of The Currency | Light Will Destroy The Invisible Enemy

By X22 Report – Published April 25, 2021

Ep. 2461a – Confirmed, The [CB] Wants Full Control Of The Currency, Countermeasures In Place

Confirmed, the [CB] is pushing their agenda with CBDC to control the people, they will be able to turn it off and on for people, block people. This is part of their system, this is why they are trying to reverse the economic structure that Trump built. Countermeasures are in place.


Ep. 2461b – Light Will Destroy The Invisible Enemy, If One Falls They All Fall, Judgement Day

The [DS] is panicking, the audit in Arizona is continuing. But they will try to block the information from reaching the people. They already started. Watch the MSM/Fake News/[DS] begin to block all information. The truth will not be stopped, the people are the force, the people will demand justice. During the audit they are using light to see fold marks, judgement day is coming.


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