#KavlaNer – Ny kampanj mot medicinskt experiment | Nya Dagbladet

Av Nya Dagbladet – 2 Juli, 2021

Efter propagandakampanjen ”Kavla upp”, där flera kändisar medverkar för att försöka övertala svenskar att ta covidvaccinet, kommer nu motkampanjen ”Kavla ner” – En mänsklig rättighet.

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Videos: Alternative News | We The People | Charlie Ward

By Dr Charlie Ward | July 2, 2021


Kate Shemirani is being prosecuted for organising freedom rallies – she is innocent PLEASE HELP(0:51)

Who am I?
I am Kate Shemirani, Natural Nurse in a Toxic World. I have been a Nurse for 36 years. I am a mum of 4, self employed and a Christian. My love for my fellow man and children all over the world, drives me to stand up to tyranny and fight for our freedom, which is now under attack.

I am being prosecuted for organising and participating in 3 anti-lockdown rally’s in London. All of these were organised by other people and I was just asked to MC at two of them and gave a short speech and said The Lords Prayer at another one.
The charges are unlawful and unjust. I am now being persecuted and even prosecuted and placed at personal physical risk. Why? Because I dared to use my professional background to speak out against all of the manipulation and lies that are being used to destroy society and our physical, mental, psychological and spiritual well-being.

We Are Trump 777!(16:57)


Video: DARK OUTPOST 07-01-2021 THE COUNCIL OF 13 | David Zublick Channel

By David Zublick Channel | First published at 22:11 UTC on July 1st, 2021.

The Council of 13 involves thirteen members, who make up a cabal, with an agenda to usher a new world order. They were first written about by Fritz Springmeier in his 1998 book, Blood Lines of the Illuminati. Because Springmeier targeted family connections to the Illuminati, Springmeier has been subject to US surveillance. Jessie Czebotar discusses the Council of 13 and who really rules the world. Peter Kirby continues his deep dive into the chemtrail agenda. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! Watch the full show at https://watch.darkoutpost.tv!

Video(1:26:28): https://www.bitchute.com/video/jU9S2b880FYq/

Daily Teachings of the Masters | July 1, 2021 — Voyages of Light

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Thursday, July 1, 2021

What if you were ready for a miracle now ?

Would you choose it?

Would you claim it?

Would you be willing to release all that is not the real you in order to receive it in its full manifestation?

Artwork by Ellen Vaman


via Daily Teachings of the Masters | July 1, 2021 — Voyages of Light

Delta Biden, VAERS Lie People Die, Spending $1 Trillion a Night | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 487 7.2.21)

Vice President Biden’s Administration is using the so-called “Delta variant” of CV19 to get even more people to get jabbed with the experimental gene therapy that they are calling a vaccine.  No talk of half of Americans already having natural immunity.  This is according to Johns Hopkins MD Marty Makary.  Why the push for more vaccines when 160 million or so Americans already have natural immunity?  Why force or scare people to get an experimental vaccine when there are so many reports of death and injury from them?  This is not about medicine folks!

Read more & video(25:05): Delta Biden, VAERS Lie People Die, Spending $1 Trillion a Night — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Video x 2: X22 Report 2516 — [CB] Narrative Is Falling Apart | Public Must Be Prepared For What Is About To Come

By X22 Report – Published July 1, 2021

Ep. 2516a – The [CB] Narrative Is Falling Apart, Infrastructure Plan Exposed

The [CB] is now preparing the people, they are introducing their plan, the factory meat that they are creating will not win over the people. The [CB] is losing the climate change narrative, since they need to accelerate their plan the message is muddied. MJT exposes the infrastructure plan.

Video(17:24): https://rumble.com/vjb8zr-ep.-2516a-the-cb-narrative-is-falling-apart-infrastructure-plan-exposed.html

Ep. 2516b – The Pill Must Be Easy To Swallow, The Public Must Be Prepared For What Is About To Come

 The [DS] is panicking like we have never seen before. The Supreme Court just shot down three ruling and now the Georgia case is in jeopardy. The [DS] is gearing up for the first [FF], this will keep the news cycle busy so they do not report on the election findings. This will fail. The American people are continually being introduced to [HB] and [JB] crimes via the laptop. Crimes against humanity is being displayed with certain operations. Election fraud hits NYC and now DeBlasio wants an audit, coincidence. The pill must be easy to swallow, the public must be prepared for what is coming. 

Video(44:21): https://rumble.com/vjb95l-ep.-2516b-the-pill-must-be-easy-to-swallow-the-public-must-be-prepared-for-.html

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

All is an Illusion 8 | The Final Wakeup Call

Disturbing psychology behind global vaccine suicide cult

Fake Scientific Research

Fake Acquired Immunity

Counterfeit food

The Final Wakeup Call | By Peter B. Meyer – June 30, 2021

Illusionary democracy

Government is the problem, not the solution. After thirteen years of grinding deepening recession, and lately the fake pandemic crisis, now it’s time to change course. In a democracy, Governments are elected by the people to serve them, which is not the case as by now amply has been shown. They clearly act like authoritarian dictators. Governments are bribed to apply power and means to intoxicate your health and way of life. They have the power to tax, detain, imprison, torture, and send young men and women to fight wars in foreign countries that not even have been a threat. They regulate, hamper businesses, debase the money, obstruct trade by embargoes, and control anything that comes to mind. Governments clearly are not serving the public, worse they are people’s biggest enemy.

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Nederlands: Alles is een illusie 8

Verontrustende psychologie achter mondiale zelfmoordcultus door vaccins Fake Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Nep Verworven Immuniteit Namaakvoedsel   Illusionaire democratie De overheid is het probleem, niet de oplossing. Na dertien jaar van steeds dieper wordende recessie, en de laatste tijd de nep pandemie…Continue Reading

Deutsch: Alles ist eine Illusion 8

Beunruhigende Psychologie hinter globalem Impfstoff-Selbstmordkult Gefälschte wissenschaftliche Forschung Gefälschte erworbene Immunität Verfälschte Lebensmittel   Illusionäre Demokratie Die Regierung ist das Problem, nicht die Lösung. Nach dreizehn Jahren der sich vertiefenden Rezession und zuletzt der vorgetäuschten Pandemiekrise ist es nun an…Continue Reading

Español: Todo es una ilusión 8

Inquietante psicología detrás del culto global al suicidio por vacunas Investigación científica falsa Falsa inmunidad adquirida Alimentos falsificados   Democracia ilusoria El gobierno es el problema, no la solución. Después de trece años de recesión cada vez más profunda, y…Continue Reading

Russian: Все это Иллюзия Часть 8

Тревожная психология, стоящая за глобальным культом самоубийственной вакцининации Фальшивые научные исследования Фальшивый приобретенный иммунитет Поддельные продукты питания   Иллюзорная демократия Правительство -это проблема, а не решение. После тринадцати лет все более углубляющейся рецессии и в последнее время кризиса фальшивой пандемии пришло…Continue Reading