VIDEO x 2: X22 Report 2539 — [CB]/[DS] Have Been Trapped By The Patriots | Prepare For Zero-Day, Dark To Light

By X22 Report – Published July 28, 2021

Ep. 2539a – [CB]/[DS] Have Been Trapped By The Patriots, They Just Admitted It

The people see their lives being destroyed by the [CB] and other companies. They are now fighting back by peacefully protesting.  This will continue as the economy continues to degrade. The patriots trapped the [CB]/[DS], the economy will see inflation and the fed admitted its not going away.


Ep. 2539b – Prepare For Zero-Day, Dark To Light, US Cyber Task Force Activated

The [DS] is panicking, they have proceeded with the Jan 6th committee to push the idea that Trump supporters are terrorists. They are planning for the release of the election audit information. Trump and the patriots know the playbook, countermeasures in place. Meanwhile the [DS] is continuing to push their 16 year plan, this will fail. Prepare for zero day, this is important, US cyber task force has been activated. We the people only have one chance to get it right.


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