Sananda: Many Shall Awaken

August 7, 2021 by Sitara

(Golden Age of Gaia)

by James McConnell

I am Sananda. I am here at this time. In this quite opportune time, I will add, as things are rapidly changing, both internally and externally, within all that you are coming to understand your lives, as things more and more are coming to the surface.

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Changing into Your Best Self ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton – August 9, 2021

changing into your best self - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangel michael

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are always very pleased to witness one of you in a moment of self-examination, even if you do not like what you see within yourself in that particular moment. Awareness is so huge, and it is something that many people only have when someone else is telling them about one of their traits, one of their habits, or an aspect of their personality. And then often the response is to feel hurt, betrayed, attacked, and to go on the defensive, which usually turns into an offensive. And so, those of you who are willing to examine yourselves and be honest and truthful about what you find are taking the consciousness of humanity to that next level, because you are willing to change.

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160 San Francisco Sheriffs Deputies Threaten To Resign Over Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement | GreatGameIndia

By GreatGameIndia – August 9, 2021

Around 160 San Francisco Sheriffs Deputies are threatening to resign and seek employment elsewhere or opt for early retirement due to the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy. San Francisco officials recently announced that all city employees will have to be vaccinated or face possible termination.

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CAUGHT ON TAPE! Hospital Administrator DENIES Vaxx Exemption For Breastfeeding Mother | Stew Peters Show

By Stew Peters Show – Published August 9, 2021


Aussie woman dies after receiving first AstraZeneca vaccine dose |

Monday, August 09, 2021 by: Ramon Tomey

(Natural News) A 34-year-old woman in Australia died on Aug. 4 after she received her first Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine dose from AstraZeneca. Officials said the New South Wales (NSW) resident died of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), which involved blood clots and low blood platelet count. The 34-year-old was the seventh person who died of the side effect associated with the British drug manufacturer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

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Official Admits Australia Was Locked Down Based On A Lie Of Covid In Wastewater | GreatGameIndia

By GreatGameIndia – August 9, 2021

A seven-day state-wide lockdown in Australia was not based on science but a lie that COVID-19 was found in wastewater, an official admitted.

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Can you really “trust the science”? Data shows doing so can have devastating consequences | NaturalHealth365

by: Sara Middleton, staff writer | August 9, 2021


(NaturalHealth365) Last year’s “healthcare heroes” now face unemployment as hundreds of medical organizations across the country bully employees into getting the experimental COVID injection under threat of suspension, termination, or discriminatory testing practices.  Across the country, we are witnessing mask mandate after mask mandate and blatant medical coercion, as free citizens are told they must show their proof of injection card to provide food and security for their family or simply move about freely in their community.

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VIDEO: Episode 25: The Truth is Unstoppable Now | Dawson & Mahoney

By Digital Warrior Productions – August 5, 2021

Dawson & Mahoney exposing Democrat campaign health contradictions (surprise surprise), a massive legal victory in the proof of existence of Sars Cov 2 in Alberta.


W.H.O. Concedes the Covid Virus Is Just Like the Common Flu! 500,000 Americans Dead From Vaccine! – A Must Video(Dr. Reiner Fuellmich)

By John Rolls (Reporter) – August 5, 2021