VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2600 — [CB] Is Losing The Economic Narrative | Transparency & Prosecution Is The Way Forward

By X22 Report – Published October 13, 2021

Ep. 2600a – [CB] Is Losing The Economic Narrative, Moves & Countermoves

Corporation around the world are starting to realize that the green new deal is not going to benefit their company or the workers. People are now experiencing inflation, it is at it’s highest rate in 13 years. Yellen pushes the idea that monitoring peoples transaction will catch billionaires evading taxes. The people are pushing back, the US is now the number one country for crypto mining.


Ep. 2600b – Transparency & Prosecution Is The Way Forward, Truth Works, Harvest

The patriots are showing the people the truth. As people see it and live they realize that the [DS] plan is not going to benefit them in the end. To move forward people will need to see prosecutions and it must be completely transparent. October the hunters moon and it’s time to harvest. The people are seeing through the [DS] charade, they no longer believe the pandemic, border, economy etc. narrative. People are thinking logically and it is spreading across the globe. The population is waking up at an accelerated pace.


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