SwebbTV: SVT tonar ner risk med hjärtinflammation av vaccin. Kommentar av Sture Blomberg och Lars Bern i Fjärde Statsmakten 108.

SwebbTV – 16 Oktober, 2021

Lars Bern och Sture Blomberg om Fråga Doktorn i SVT

Den 11 oktober sände SVT “Fråga Doktorn” ett inslag med Matti Sällberg som har intressen i vaccinindustrin och som inte är läkare, där han fick uttala sig om riskerna med vaccin. Modernas vaccin har stoppats för personer födda 1991 och senare p.g.a. riskerna för hjärtmuskelinflammation.
Matti Sällberg tonar ner riskerna och menar att hjärtinflammation är “tillfällig och övergående”.

Läs mer & SwebbTV(57:41): https://swebbtv.se/w/4wvHBt16yVBdjgwwXaa6QY

The Final Showdown! | The Marshall Report

By Dianne Marshall | October 16, 2021


Fear not, for the Lord has stirred the hearts of good men and women to speak up and shout the truth regardless of the censorship hurdles! We are truly blessed to have warriors of truth who have faith and fear not, pressing forward into the kingdom with truth. Many are sounding the trumpet to warn and organizing strongholds to help those who have been victims of the global threats, fear mongering, and treason to the people. Humanity world wide is taking a death beating of health, homes, jobs, children, their personal liberty, and their personal lives. Morals, values, the family unit, are under attack – from the grocery story to the school sytems all things are infilitrated with unlawful mandates. People are now taking their lives into their own hands, leaving careers they loved in order to preserve the most valuable thing which is their very life!

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National Security Alert: Thousands of U.S. Special Forces and Combat Troops Discharged as Total Force ‘Vaccination’ Decimates Military Readiness | Prepare For Change

Prepare For Change | By Edward Morgan – October 15, 2021

We are experiencing the most devastating attack on the U.S. military in history!

By David DeGraw,

An estimated 350,000 of our military service members are being dishonorably discharged for refusing to take a completely unnecessary and experimental mRNA nanotech injection, which is now proven to degrade immune systems and cause many serious side effects.

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Hunter Biden Hanged at GITMO | Real Raw News

Real Raw News | By Michael Baxter – October 16, 2021

Hunter Biden’s life ended Friday morning when the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps in cooperation with the Office of Military Commissions hanged him to death at a few minutes past 8:00 a.m. His execution happened only a few weeks after a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay found him guilty of treason—a capital offense—and a myriad of sex crimes against underage women.

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