(VIDEO) Press Conference – Ursula von der Leyen’s Immediate Resignation Demanded by Freedom-Fighting MEPs

By ZEEE MEDIA – February 18, 2022

Read more & video(37:23): “Press conference – Ursula von der Leyen’s immediate resignation demanded by freedom-fighting MEPs”: https://zeeemedia.com/interview/press-conference-ursula-von-der-leyens-immediate-resignation-demanded-by-freedom-fighting-meps/

New World Order Desperate as Plan Falls Apart – Martin Armstrong | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

February 19, 2022

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong thinks the New World Order’s so-called “Great Reset” plan for humanity is falling apart, and the globalists are becoming increasingly “desperate.”  Armstrong explains, “They are basically desperate at this stage.  I don’t think they anticipate the amount of resistance that they are getting.  It’s not just with the truckers in Canada, but this is starting everywhere.

Read more & Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, author of “Manipulating the World Economy,” which has 70 fresh new pages in the 5th edition of this very popular book  2.19.22.(1:07:25): New World Order Desperate as Plan Falls Apart – Martin Armstrong — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

VIDEO: X22 Report Spotlight | Patel Patriot – Everything Is Timed, Military Planning, Trump Will Most Likely Return Before 2024

By X22 Report – Published February 19, 2022

Today’s Guest: Patel Patriot

Read more & video(40:15): https://rumble.com/vvbpin-patel-patriot-everything-is-timed-military-planning-trump-will-most-likely-.html