VACCINE WARNING: mRNA spike proteins linked to infertility in next generation via engineered “ovarian failure” |

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Another deadly “side effect” of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” has been unearthed, and it spells disaster for future generations.

It turns out that the experimental drugs trigger “germ line modifications” to female eggs and male sperm. To make a long story short, Fauci Flu shots appear to cause female infertility in the next generation.

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Hur kan man vara journalist inom systemmedia? – Magnus Stenlund, Gunnar Sandelin och Pär Ström i Fjärde Statsmakten 124 | SwebbTV

SwebbTV – 15 Mars, 2022

Vad är det som driver Sveriges journalister? Varför har frågor som massinvandring och demografi mörkats genom åren? Detta diskuterar Gunnar Sandelin och Pär Ström i ett nytt avsnitt av Fjärde statsmakten i Swebbtv. Ingen av dem vill använda ordet “ondska”, utan tror mer det handlar om en masspsykos, karriärmöjligheter och feghet. En identitet och social samvaro som blir så stark att det inte ens senare i livet går att backa.

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Corrupt Global Money System | The Final Wakeup Call

Central bankers the biggest money launderers on planet Earth

High Inflation Unavoidable

Excessive Money Printing without Inflation, how is that possible?

How the Government Scam Works

The Money Scam Explained

The Final Wakeup Call | By Peter B. Meyer – March 15, 2022

How they manipulate the economy

Money is the heart of the economy. It is the yardstick in our current 3D world. It tells what things are worth, how much can be invested, what is worthwhile and what is not. Money – especially the interest it earns – tells when to expand or contract. It tells when to work harder or to slow down. It tells which direction to follow.

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Nederlands: Corrupt Global Geldsysteem

Centrale bankiers de grootste geldzwendelaars op planeet Aarde Hoge Inflatie onvermijdelijk Overmatig gelddrukken zonder inflatie, hoe is dat mogelijk? Hoe de overheid Scam functioneert De Geldzwendel uitgelegd   Hoe ze de economie manipuleren Geld is het hart van de economie….Continue Reading

Deutsch: Korruptes globales Geldsystem

Zentralbanker sind die größten Geldwäscher auf dem Planeten Erde Hohe Inflation unvermeidlich Übermäßiges Gelddrucken ohne Inflation, wie ist das möglich? Wie der Betrug der Regierung funktioniert Der Geldbetrug erklärt   Wie sie die Wirtschaft manipulieren Geld ist das Herzstück der…Continue Reading

Français: Système Monétaire Mondial Corrompu

Les banquiers centraux, les plus grands blanchisseurs d’argent de la planète Terre Une inflation élevée inévitable Une impression monétaire excessive sans inflation, comment est-ce possible ? Comment fonctionne l’Arnaque du gouvernement L’Arnaque de l’argent expliquée     Comment ils manipulent…Continue Reading

Italiano: Sistema monetario globale corrotto

I banchieri centrali sono i più grandi riciclatori di denaro sul pianeta Terra Alta inflazione inevitabile Stampa eccessiva di denaro senza inflazione, come è possibile? Come funziona la truffa del governo La truffa del denaro spiegata   Come manipolano l’economia …Continue Reading

SwebbTV: Mikael Willgert om hur politikerna blir köpta och varför det inte finns en opposition – Svenska bok- och mediemässan

SwebbTV – 14 Mars, 2022

I sitt tal vid Svenska bokmässan förklarar Mikael Willgert hur politikerna blir köpta av de internationella finansintressena och varför det inte finns en opposition i Sverige.

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World war ESCALATION being aggressively pushed by Biden and NATO because tyrants need a food scarcity crisis to reach global depopulation milestones |

Monday, March 14, 2022 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Biden and NATO don’t want peace in Ukraine. They need a world war in order to pick up their depopulation agenda that didn’t achieve the extermination milestones they had hoped to achieve with covid vaccines.

The covid plandemic was launched in order to achieve two key things: 1) Rapid expansion of authoritarianism by terrorizing the population with covid fear, and 2) Global depopulation / extermination through covid vaccines which are actually gene-altering infertility jabs and “clot shots.” These jabs also alter human DNA and result in gradual cancer deaths over a decade. (You will see huge spikes in cancer deaths for 2021 and 2022 once the numbers are officially reported.)

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VIDEO: Mel K & Brilliant Author Cynthia Chung on Brave New World, Huxley, and Mass Mind Control 3-14-22

By The Mel K Show – Published March 14, 2022

Mel welcomes incredible researcher and historian Cynthia Chung of The Rising Tide Foundation to discuss her fascinating series on Huxley and his Brave New World we seem to be living in. From the origins, to the hidden history of mass mind manipulation, to the 60s in California it’s a fascinating look into how we ended up so prone to propaganda and in the matrix of the mind.

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