VIDEO: CONTACT 04 – Thor Han on the New Earth (March 29 2022) | Elena Danaan

By Elena Danaan – Premiered, March 29, 2022

My beloved friends, here is a transmission I just received from my dear Thor Han, who was back to the Excelsior from his last mission on Mars. At his request, I am passing on this beautiful message to you all. Who is meant to hear will be lead to here. Elena Danaan


VIDEO: SPACE-X INCIDENT & UFO PROPULSION ~ Chris Essonne ~ March 26 2022 at 3 pm EST | Elena Danaan

By Elena Danaan – Premiered Mar 26, 2022

Over the past 10 years, Chris Essonne, as an engineer working in the robotics industry, developed a passion for unexplained phenomena refuted by mainstream science, and more particularly for the UFO phenomenon. Scientific training, gold medal in physics for the West of France in the 80s, Chris Essonne undertakes to discover where official science has gone astray, and what alternative approach can be proposed. The results of his research are published on your Youtube and Odysée channels and on the scientific site

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ANALYSIS: Embedded “good guys” are turning against the cabal… It’s ALL coming out… and the awakening cannot be halted |

Monday, March 28, 2022 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) We have received a batch of new intel from US military sources. Although it’s always difficult to sort out fact from fiction, this is a credible source, and previous intel from this source has proven mostly accurate.

According to the information received by this source and then filtered for us (to remove any OPSEC details), there are some bombshell developments under way right now inside the deep layers of the Pentagon and the Biden regime. First, inside the Pentagon and even the intelligence community, there is growing consensus that the Biden regime is rapidly putting America on a path of economic destruction and that it must be stopped from within. Thus, the number of people inside the CIA, FBI, DHS, DoD etc. who are now switching hats — from “black hat” to “white hat” — is rapidly expanding.

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Dr. Benjamin Marble: Fauci is the greatest mass murderer in history |

Monday, March 28, 2022 by: Roy Green

(Natural News) Dr. Benjamin Marble branded Dr. Anthony Fauci as “the greatest mass murderer in the history of the world” for funding the creation of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and manipulating the government’s response to the ensuing pandemic.

“We know Fauci, ‘Dr. Death’ Fauci, funded the creation of the virus, the gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. We know he created this Frankenstein virus, it’s a man-made virus,” Marble told host Alex Jones in the March 21 episode of “The Alex Jones Show” on InfoWars.

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(VIDEOS) Remote Viewing Ceres Super soldiers & Mars Insectoid War |


In early 2022, Tony Rodrigues published his book, Ceres Colony Cavalier, in which he described in detail his “20 and back” experiences as a slave, both on Mars as a military auxiliary fighting against indigenous insectoids and then serving with a German-led Dark Fleet. Rodrigues’ book came to the attention of Dr. Courtney Brown, who subsequently organized a remote viewing project to investigate two of the book’s core claims. The results greatly surprised Dr. Brown who concluded Rodrigues’ testimony was accurate and carried much significance for full disclosure.

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VIDEO: Mel K & Fierce Light Warrior Kevin Sorbo On Standing Fearless For Truth & God 3-28-22

By The Mel K Show – Published March 28, 2022

Mel welcomes fellow Hollywood refugee, actor, director, producer and fearless truth warrior Kevin Sorbo, Kevin is a wonderful example of standing for god and light and cutting a path in life one can be proud of in this crazy world. Thank you Kevin for being a brave beacon of hope and faith for not compromising in the face of evil & tyranny. God Wins!

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VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2736 — Gold Will Destroy The [CB], The Process Has Begun || House Cleaning In Progress, Final Stage, The Entire World Is Watching

By X22 Report – Published March 28, 2022

Ep. 2736a – Gold Will Destroy The [CB], The Process Has Begun

Inflation is not the same as in 70s, people are not seeing their wages increase which helps during these periods of times. The peoples wages are not keeping up this time around. Russia makes a move, will now start pegging their currency to gold.


Ep. 2736b – House Cleaning In Progress, Final Stage, The Entire World Is Watching

 The world is now going through a major house cleaning. The nazis, biolabs, money laundering and [DS] players are being removed, the [DS] is being exposed right in front of the entire world. The world is watching the destruction of the old guard. The evidence is being brought out into the open, it will start tying all of these players together and it will show just how evil they truly are. We are now in the final stage.


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