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SwebbTV Nyheter – 1 April, 2022

Den ryska ledningens motdrag mot sanktioner av olika slag är krav på att europeiska länder ska betala i rubel för att få köpa rysk gas. Något som ser ut att motverka delar av de negativa effekterna sanktionerna initialt haft.

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Doctors warn many patients in hospitals have COVID jab-induced AIDS | NaturalHealth365

by: Sara Middleton, staff writer | March 30, 2022

(NaturalHealth365)  Vaxxes are intended to stimulate an immune response against diseases … though not necessarily meant to prevent someone from catching the disease (at least according to the latest definition from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).  What vaxxes aren’t supposed to do is cause a person to develop acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

But one doctor recently came forward with this very concern, adding that her clinical experience with patients suffering from immune problems following the COVID shot has been nothing short of “stunning.”

Read more & video(53:07): “Millions Will Get AIDS From Vax by Fall – Dr Elizabeth Eads”: https://www.naturalhealth365.com/doctors-warn-many-patients-in-hospitals-have-covid-jab-induced-aids.html

Elena Malmefeldts skarpa varning om folkhälsan: Nu vill de ta våra friheter från oss för affärer och pengar | NewsVoice.se

NewsVoice.se – 1 April, 2022

FOLKHÄLSA & SJUKVÅRD. Det handlar om politik och affärer och inte om hälsa och sjukvård. Året är 2022 och vi har en allvarlig situation som innebär att politikerna vill ändra i grundlagen för att kunna begränsa människors fri- och rättigheter vid nästa “pandemi” eller kris. Det varnar Elena Malmefeldt i sin granskning av svininfluensan 2009 och spelet efter covidkrisen 2020-2022.

Läs mer & video(29:52): “Pandemin 2009 och massvaccination : https://newsvoice.se/2022/03/elena-malmefeldts-skarpa-varning-folkhalsan/

Is an Ancient Space Ark at Lake Vostok heating up Antarctica? | Exopolitics.org


On March 18, news emerged of a heatwave in East Antarctica, the epicenter of which was the Vostok region that sits atop a mysterious lake two miles under the ice sheet. Scientists are baffled by the heat surge of more than 70 degrees above average temperatures and are seeking answers. A likely explanation comes from two sources who say an ancient ark is buried under the ice sheet in the Vostok region, and its activation is heating up East Antarctica.

The Washington Post was the first to reveal the heatwave in East Antarctica. In a story titled “It’s 70 degrees warmer than normal in eastern Antarctica. Scientists are flabbergasted”, this is what was reported:

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Putin to Trump: “I Can Help You Drain Washington, D.C. Swamp” | Real Raw News

Real Raw News | By Michael Baxter – March 31, 2022

In what seemed more matter of fact than a joke, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday broke a weeklong silence, telling Donald J. Trump that he would happily help drain the swamp in Washington D.C. once he had purged Ukraine of corruption, said a Mar-a-Lago source speaking under promise of anonymity.

“If you need my help, just say so. I’ll show you how we drain swamp in Russia—quick and efficient,” Putin said. “I can help you drain Washington swamp.”

Read more: https://realrawnews.com/author/kilo-charlie/

Benjamin Fulford 3/28/22 Report: Fake Biden, Fake Ukranian War, Fake Pandemic: is it all about to end? | Prepare For Change

By Edward Morgan – March 31, 2022


There are growing signs we in the West are all watching a giant fake show and that the show is about to end. This came up in a conversation last week between a senior Russian FSB agent and a member of the White Dragon Society. “My guess is that we don’t actually have any presidents and all of this is a kind of staged reality show created before our eyes,” noted the FSB member. There is plenty of evidence to back this up.

Did you know, for example, that according to the official Russian Tass News Agency that Ukraine has not declared war on Russia? Also that the Russian gas still being sent through that country is still the main source of revenue for the government of Ukraine?

Read more: https://prepareforchange.net/2022/03/31/benjamin-fulford-3-28-22-report-fake-biden-fake-ukranian-war-fake-pandemic-is-it-all-about-to-end/

Media lies about Antarctic ice shelf collapsing; the mass has actually gained more ice than it lost | NaturalNews.com

Thursday, March 31, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) If you listen to the global warming fanatics, one of the things they cannot stop talking about is the alleged melting of the Antarctic ice shelf, which they claim is occurring because of cow flatulence and people eating meat. The truth, however, is that the Antarctic ice shelf is growing overall, not shrinking.

Climate change alarmist Greta Thunberg, for example, tweeted that the Antarctic ice shelf, which is “nearly the size of Los Angeles collapsed as temperatures soared to 40 above normal” during a recent heat wave. Thunberg linked to a fake news article from CNN that backs her claim.

Read more: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-03-31-media-lies-about-antarctic-ice-shelf-collapsing.html

Judicial Watch sues government over refusal to disclose COVID “vaccine” side effects | NaturalNews.com

Thursday, March 31, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is refusing to comply with requests for data surrounding adverse side effects caused by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines,” so Judicial Watch is suing.

According to reports, the legal watchdog group has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suit against the HHS for ignoring an August of 2021 request for:

Read more: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-03-31-judicial-watch-sues-government-hiding-covid-vaccine-effects.html

See the full list of 51 deep state “intelligence” officials who lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop to try to defeat Trump in 2020 | NaturalNews.com

Thursday, March 31, 2022 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) If any reasonable, thinking American doubted the existence of a “deep state” before Donald Trump became president, they were treated to a four-year object lesson in just how real it is.

Trump, the ultimate outsider candidate who had no political skeletons, was too popular to be canceled, and could not be bought off because he was already a billionaire, rankled and frightened the powerbroker elite in Washington because he really did believe in his “America First” agenda that they will never accept because they profit off of selling America out.

Read more: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-03-31-full-list-51-deep-state-intelligence-officials-lied-about-hunter-bidens-laptop.html