Merck’s Gardasil Vaccine Continues to Kill and Maim Young Girls as Two New Lawsuits are Filed | Health Impact News

by Brian Shilhavy – April 1, 2022
Editor, Health Impact News

Prior to 2020 and the COVID Scam, the #1 most-read topic on the Health Impact News network, by far, was the Gardasil HPV vaccine, and the carnage this vaccine has caused in the U.S., and around the world.

If you type in “Gardasil” into the search feature of Health Impact News, you will get a result of 475 articles we have published on this topic.

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EXPOSED: Pentagon planning to use Ukraine biolabs to attack Russia |

Saturday, April 02, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural NewsMore evidence has emerged to suggest that not only are the Pentagon-run biolabs in Ukraine real, but that the Pentagon is planning to use them to attack Russia.

Moscow says that records and other proof show that the U.S.-funded biolabs, which are linked to EcoHealth Alliance, the Biden crime family, and others, were going to be used for sending bioweapon-filled drones into Russia.

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Is Russia discovering U.S.-funded biological “weapons of mass destruction” in Ukraine right now? |

Saturday, April 02, 2022 by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) Remember when George “W” Bush said Saddam Hussein had WMDs so the USA could bomb Iraq and steal all their oil? Now there really are WMDs, but they’re not in Iraq, they’re in Ukraine, and created there at secret bio-labs funded by the USA. That’s why the Biden Regime is so adamant about trying to destroy all evidence those labs exist and existed, while violating international treaties to do so. These are serious war crimes (think biowarfare “gain of function” research) by Fauci and his cohorts that Vladimir Putin may be about to reveal to the world.

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VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2740 — The [CB] Just Revealed Their Entire Plan, Conspiracy No More, Down She Goes || [A]pril, MOAB, Events Are About To Unfold, No Deals, No Escape, Pain

By X22 Report – Published April 1, 2022

Ep. 2740a – The [CB] Just Revealed Their Entire Plan, Conspiracy No More, Down She Goes

The people are feeling the pain that the puppet masters are inflicting on them, 1 in 5 workers run out of money before payday, wages are not keeping with inflation. The [CB] agenda is exposed, there is no place to hide and the admit that they want to control the population, down goes the [CB].


Ep. 2740b – [A]pril, MOAB, Events Are About To Unfold, No Deals, No Escape, Pain

March was a crazy month, so much was produced and the American people needed to digest it, this is just the start. April showers, the MOAB is coming and events are about to unfold. The [DS] has lost the narrative, they cannot control what is coming, no matter how they spin it. All they will be left with is to shut everything down, but the patriots are prepared for this. No escape, no deals, each step of the way they will feel pain.


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VIDEO: X22 Report Spotlight | Sean Stone – The People See Through The [DS] Agenda, Game Over

By X22 Report – Published April 1, 2022 

Today’s Guest: Sean Stone

Sean Stone is a filmmaker, media host, author, actor, poet, speaker, and above all, truth-seeker and spiritual activist.

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VIDEO LIVE: Zelensky’s Nazis Commit Demonic War Crimes, Ingestible Trackers Inc, Pelosi Ukraine Bombshell | Stew Peters Network

By Stew Peters Network – Published April 1, 2022

Friday on the Stew Peters Show, Lauren Witzke and Edward Szall detail the many satanic war crimes committed by Zelensky’s Nazi battalions in occupied territory of Ukraine, including the rape and pillaging of innocent civilians, and the carving of swastikas into the chest of dead children.

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