VIDEO: Mel K & Fly Over Conservatives Deep Dive Into Hunter Biden & What The Laptop Tells Us (Part !) ICYMI

The Mel K Show – Published April 5, 2022

Mel joins The Fly Over Conservatives family for a deep dive into what we can discern about the information that can be found on Hunter Biden and the morass of evils and deals that should concern every American. Warning some material may be upsetting. We must uncover the truth to bring darkness to light. God Wins!

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VIDEO: Mel K & Legendary Truth Warrior Roger Stone On Deep State Corruption, Jan 6 & The Stone Plan 4-5-22

By The Mel K Show – Published April 5, 2022

Mel is excited to welcome back the legendary truth warrior and political powerhouse Roger Stone. Always bold, outspoken, uncensored and to the point.

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How to transform FEAR into CONFIDENCE as we face an uncertain future of food scarcity and dollar devaluation |

Tuesday, April 05, 2022 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Many people find this odd, but those who talk the most about the coming “doom and gloom” scenarios are usually the very same people who have the least fear about facing the future. Acknowledging the extreme events we all face — food scarcity, crazy price inflation, violent uprisings, etc., — doesn’t mean we have to give in to uncertainty and fear about our own future. In fact, fear can be a powerful energy source to help you get things done that will grant you confidence about the future.

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Petro-Ruble Takes Down Dollar & Drives Up Gold – Bill Holter | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunter’s – April 5, 2022

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said that at the end of last year, both the lies and money printing were going to get much worse.  Holter predicted, “The risk for a meltdown from these levels, the risk has never been higher or could be higher than it is right now.  You have got everything going in the wrong direction. . . .”  Fast-forward to today, and you see huge inflation, economies wrecked and Russia demanding payment for oil and gas in rubles.  Holter explains, “This is the biggest news since 1973 when oil started being backed by the U.S. dollar.  There is nothing bigger. Understand, Gaddafi (Libya) did this.  Saddam Hussein (Iraq) talked about the gold dinar, or a gold backed currency, and what happened?  They got killed, and their countries got invaded and their gold stolen.

Read more & Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter of for 4.5.22.  (There is much more in the 48 min. interview): Petro-Ruble Takes Down Dollar & Drives Up Gold – Bill Holter — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2743 — It Has Already Begun, People Are Being Brought To The Economic Precipice || Those Who Are Awake Can See Clearly,Trump Caught Them All,Control Belongs To The Patriots

By X22 Report – Published April 5, 2022

Ep. 2743a – It Has Already Begun, People Are Being Brought To The Economic Precipice

The Fed is panicking, inflation is not under control and they are now pushing the idea that they must push stronger actions, this will fail. The Biden admin promised to cancel student debt, this is not happening so they are kicking the can down the street to keep the student’s happy. The economic protests have begun.


Ep. 2743b-Those Who Are Awake Can See Clearly,Trump Caught Them All,Control Belongs To The Patriots

The [DS] is now trapped, this is the largest sting operation the world has ever witnessed. Trump secured deals with other leaders, he caught them all and the fact and evidence is now being produced. The election fraud decertification is now being pushed and the [DS] players cannot stop what is coming. Those who are awake can see clearly, Trump caught them all. The storm is coming and the pieces are coming together.


All source links to the report can be found on the site.

VIDEO LIVE: Stew Peters SWATTED, Family Survives Attempted Murder, Roger Stone Exposes DC Drug Orgies | Stew Peters Network

By Stew Peters Network – Published April 5, 2022

Tuesday on the Stew Peters Show, Stew blasts the sick monsters who tried to get his family killed through calling in a bogus threat to local police, leading to a deadly standoff with cops that was thankfully ended peacefully and without injury to Stew’s family. Stew commits to continuing the battle for truth, and to hold the cowards who did this accountable.

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