Rapid Heating of Neptune linked to activating Space Arks | Exopolitics.org


Astronomers are baffled by the rapid heating of the South Pole of the planet Neptune recently detected by ground-based telescopes in Chile and Hawaii. The heating corroborates a recent prediction by Thor Han Eredyon of the Galactic Federation of Worlds that Neptune would soon experience remarkable changes due to the activation of space arks resulting from the arrival of the Intergalactic Federation, aka extraterrestrial Seeders or Guardians.

Read more & video(1:31:20): “Space Arks, ET fleets, Ukraine & Human Liberation: An Interview with Alex Collier & Elena Danaan”: Rapid Heating of Neptune linked to activating Space Arks — Exopolitics.org

VIDEO: Mel K With Journalist Michelle Malkin & CO Candidate Dave Williams Fighting Tyranny 4-14-22

By The Mel K Show – Published April 14, 2022 

Mel is pleased to welcome the brave & bold journalist & author Michelle Malkin & America first Colorado congressional candidate Dave Williams. Thank you patriots for fighting for our country and way of life. Nothing can stop we the people united and standing!

Read more & video(52:48): https://rumble.com/v10v80w-mel-k-michelle-malkin-and-dave-williams-4-13-22.html

”Vi har en regering som inte bryr sig” – oduglig analysförmåga har sänkt landet | SwebbTV Nyheter

SwebbTV Nyheter – 15 April, 2022

Det saknas en konsekvensanalys bland Sveriges makthavare. Det är därför samhällsutvecklingen ser ut som den gör i landet, och det var så politikerna ”raserade” landets försvar. Det säger riksdagsledamoten Roger Richthoff, som nyligen lämnade Sverigedemokraterna, i en ny intervju med Swebbtv.

Läs mer & SwebbTV(1:22:35): https://nyheter.swebbtv.se/vi-har-en-regering-som-inte-bryr-sig-oduglig-analysformaga-har-sankt-landet/

“You are more powerful than you know, and they fear the day you discover it.”

“You are more powerful than you know, and they fear the day you discover it.”
They fear you.
They fear you being Awake.
They fear you waking up others.
They fear you being Armed.
They fear you speaking up.
They fear you speaking out.
They fear you standing up.
They fear you resisting.
They fear your rebelling.
They fear you revolting.
They fear you Not Complying.
They fear you banding together.
They fear you standing together.
They fear you coordinating.
They fear you learning YOU are the majority.
They fear you realizing your power.
They fear you using your power.
They Fear YOU.
Maryann Chambers


I would like to extend a personal thank you from Carolyn and I directly to the #DigitalSoldiers #KeyboardWarriors , #MidnightRiders & #Anons. Our Military and Galactic Alliance stands ready behind the scenes.

This letter is addressed directly to the American people in hopes of reaching as many people as possible – as you have no doubt noticed we have liberated this country from the clutches of the evil artificial intelligence COVID – 19 Bio-weapon used by the Democrats allied with the CCP that behind it all was controlled by the draconian overlords of the slave ship.
In conjunction with our secret space program, the Space Force, the Military, and the Galactic Alliance, we have defeated our greatest adversaries ever faced by humanity.

In light of the EBS and Military Tribunals, I urge all Americans to prepare for Martial Law. Active military will be on the streets in key locations to maintain government authority during this transition and provide maximum security during Operation Warp Speed. These measures are intended for immediate impact after the EBS, when the lights go out, just know that the White Hats are in control.

Understand that we faced evil like no one has ever seen before because the strings that control the world were inside you (tugging on the strings of your heart to drain you like a battery) because the truth is a force of nature.

The Matrix was a documentary.
Let the Executions begin.
John F. Kennedy Jr. 19th US Vice President


VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2751 — Trump Confirms The Economic Direction, The People Are Seeing The Truth || To Spread Info Across The Digital Battlefield&Bypass Their Control Is What The [DS] Fears

By X22 Report – Published April 14, 2022

Ep. 2751a – Trump Confirms The Economic Direction, The People Are Seeing The Truth

The sanctions do work on Russia, the ruble has regained its value. Bidenflation is causing the D’s to unite against Biden. The Fed knows the inflation cannot be stopped. Trump confirms the direction economy and is showing the truth about their agenda.

Video(19:03): https://rumble.com/v110hxx-ep.-2751a-trump-confirms-the-economic-direction-the-people-are-seeing-the-t.html

Ep. 2751b-To Spread Info Across The Digital Battlefield&Bypass Their Control Is What The [DS] Fears

The [DS] is now panicking, the [FF] in NYC failed. Elon Musk has now made an offer to buy Twitter. Trump and the patriots are now prepared to take the bull horn away from the [DS] players. Either Twitter accepts or crashes, tick tock. The ability to spread information across the digital battlefield and bypass their control is what the [DS] fears. Buckle up, it has begun, timing is everything.

Video(44:45): https://rumble.com/v110izz-ep.-2751b-to-spread-info-across-the-digital-battlefield-and-bypass-their-co.html

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.