Channeled message from the Arcturians, by Rosie Neal – June 23, 2018

By Rosie Neal

Beloved star beings you have come a long way for this auspicious time to reverse the course of this planet from 3D matrix linear time into 5D miracle eternal Now.

Many of you that have come here as gatekeepers, frequency holders, grid workers, earth keepers, crystal record keepers and blue rays as forerunners for the new earth consciousness…. in one word STAR SEEDS in embodiment. You have done this since eons so whether you are an unconscious star seed or a conscious star being…. that is where you are heading at… becoming conscious of and acclaiming your star hood avatar mastery.

Deep within you know you came here for a reason, that you have a purpose… it is an ancient calling that you have responded to again and again and again… this is not your first mission as a star seed system buster, please trust in this inner knowing, that you came on call. You agreed to the most to down step in frequency to fall into amnesia to fulfill this role, it was a self made choice and a self made materialization… you created the reality and the body all together… thru mastering your vibration… by commanding space to form the exact hologram of what you needed to fulfill this particular role to serve this planet in its ascension into the higher realms of light. You have mastered this role to perfection, you have succeeded in convincing yourself that you were limited, undeserving and dependent on the mercy of a judging god and destined to either heaven or hell.

We congratulate you for this diligent work, that took you to the darkest abyss a human can go thru. However deep within you know you are more than human, you are consciousness in densified form. Now however it is time for you to re-member and re-claim your mastery. Thru diving deep into the unconscious of the human collective and not loose sight of the light, you are now able to reach the highest state of ecstasy´s wisdom and assist those that have gotten stuck in the prison of their minds and sold their souls to lower frequency victim/abuser scenarios. We encourage you to step in and assist these lost souls back into the light, back to their heart, be the light at the end of their tunnel, that will bring back hope and unlock the prison of their minds, be the whisper of the Beloved in their heart that melts the bars of separation, that holds them in I-solation.

It is time to re-claim and acknowledge the power that you are and thru your very presence…. radiate, vibrate, command in the name of the highest light the particles of light in your vortex auric field to serve and act with highest authority and integrity with the law of One and you will regain your full galactic potential and serve as omnipresent omnipotent omnicognizent star portals of light, bringing forth the wisdom from within which is stored within your very DNA and the record keepers, that are placed within your body. The continual upgrading, downloads and activations offered is of no use, if you keep holding yourself small and feed lower vibrational realities thru a constricted linear mindset. We urge you to bring your whole attention and devotion to higher vibrational intent, to bring your consciousness into your sacred heart space and approach life with the supreme power that is available from this sacred star portal.

We offer our support, but only you can choose what reality you feed and give life to.

We encourage you therefore to stay clear of all linear duality based belief concepts, in particular that of time, as this will prevent you from fully aligning with you galactic infinite potential mastery. You are here to move mountains, you are here to build pyramids and cities of light from the star technology galactic intel stored within the light of your very being. It is nothing but mastering vibration and materializing them into form thru aligned heart/mind divine intent. That is how powerful you are. No more playing small, you are space commanders of light. You were made for this. In fact you made it up. Now play your part, take command… you are love on assignment, this is what you are best at. Leave all else behind. Time to land the mothership galactic consciousness into form. ~ Grace Solaris the Arcturians

Source: Scenic Sasquatch


Traveling – June 24, 2018

This is The Universe speaking, you have reached your cruising altitude and are now traveling at the speed of light through time and space.  Do not be alarmed.  This is how all of you travel. (Smiling) This is where your deepest and most profound changes will take place.  As you navigate infinity, take some time to stop and see the ‘sights’.  Experience taste, touch and sound.  Embrace your human body as the vehicle for this amazing journey!  Each memory and ‘snapshot’ you take along the way is yours to keep if you so choose and….never forget the beautiful views! ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

Daily Message ~ Sunday June 24, 2018


When you are trying hard to be positive, you are not quite there. The fact that you are trying and forcing indicates you are not able to access the space you desire, that you are seeing it as outside of yourself. You move into alignment not by forcing, but by flowing.

So rather than trying, we suggest finding things you easily accept. Look around for what you are grateful for. Spend time in activities you love. Surrender into the experience of happiness and see where the flow takes you. Meditate. Watch a show that makes you laugh. Connect with friends who lift your spirits. Go outside and pay attention to the beauty that abounds in nature.

It is the choosing of activities that make it easy for you to simply be in a space of open acceptance that shifts you into a space of more comfort and appreciation which then naturally creates the experience of positivity. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoteric

The Galactic Federation: The Veils of Separation Are Lifted — Era of Light – June 23, 2018

Divine ones. We are here the Galactic Federation to aid in ushering you and showering you with wisdom and love. We the GF’s as we are called are one of many who remind you to stand tall in your greatness and take the “bull by the horns” to coin a phase to awaken to move….Read more

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Breathing – June 23, 2018


Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…it is so important to remember this.  I can hear some of you joking, “Yes, I have to continue to sustain life!  Derp!”, but it is so much more than that. (Smiling) During any shifts or changes, it is a very distinct reminder of exactly where and what you are doing.  It gives you the opportunity to slow down a bit and assess how you are feeling in this particular moment.  Happy?  Sad?  Angry?  Joyful?  When you become used to recognizing your feelings and emotions, you are then put in a position to keep them as they are or change them to something more positive.  The conscious awareness of your human-ness is one of the greatest gifts you have ever been given.  Revel in and embrace it…it is completely yours! ~ Creator

Daily Message ~ Saturday June 23, 2018


Dear Ones, there are many different paths to enlightenment but ultimately they all bring you to the same place – acknowledging and shining the love that you are. How you get to that state of acceptance is entirely up to you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, June 23d, 2018 —

Messages from the Angels

Message from the Angels My dear friends, we love you so very much, Open your hearts to receiving the love that is all around you Breathe. Imagine your heart opening as a flower opens to the sun. It is in…Read more

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