Don’t Argue With Idiots | The Marshall Report

By Dianne Marshall | September 16, 2021

For those who may not have seen it….this is from Dr. Tenpenny @BusyDrT.  I added some pics to top it off. This little story applies to all facets of our life, please read and enjoy. Smile.

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Video: Dalsland Canal in Sweden The most beautiful waterways in Europe!

By Dansk Yacht Import | October 15, 2020

The Dalsland canal consists of a string of large and small lakes, coves, fjords and bi-links that are bound together by about 12 km of dug / exploded canal. The total length of the lake system is about 250 km and extends from the western side of Lake Vänern, passing up through the Dalsland landscape, further into the Värmland landscape, up to the Norwegian border and into Norway. In the lake system there are 31 locks distributed at 17 lock stations. The fall height is a total of 66 meters. The canal is considered one of the most beautiful waterways in Europe!

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