Weather Manipulation is Not Climate Change Presentation | Prepare For Change

Prepare For Change – October 21, 2022

By Elaine Buxton

Citizen-sleuth Elaine Buxton reveals the technology that manipulates weather that is publicly available. The ability to manipulate the weather goes back to the 1970’s and the various ways of doing it are discussed in Elaine’s presentation.

Weather manipulation is generally used for military purposes though it could be used for agricultural benefits. The discussion includes a look at how the weather fronts were manipulated in the recent hurricane Ian that hit Florida.

Video(1:37:24) Weather Manipulation is Not Climate Change Presentation — Prepare For Change

World Economic Forum: Avskärmning av solen med aerosoler kan “bekämpa klimatförändringarna” |

Klaus Schwab – 20 Juli, 2022

KLIMATET. World Economic Forum (WEF) föreslår att solen blockeras med hjälp av aerosoler [“chemtrails”] som sprutas ut i rymden för att bekämpa klimatförändringarna, enligt en nyligen publicerad TikTok-video från den globalistiska organisationen.

Text: Yudi Sherman för Front Line News en nyhetskanal från Americas Frontline Doctors

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40 Million in US West Without Water in 2023 – Dane Wigington |

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

July 16, 2022

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says the extreme drought conditions in the U.S. are caused by man-made weather modification called geoengineering.  It’s not some naturally occurring event, but an “engineered drought catastrophe.”  Wigington says after decades of climate engineering, things are getting so bad that millions in the Southwestern United States will be without water sometime in 2023.  Wigington explains, “The mainstream media and official sources are doing their best to sweep it under the rug.  We are talking about 40 million people that will be impacted by the drying out of the Colorado River basin and tributaries.”

Read more & Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with climate researcher Dane Wigington, founder of for 7.16.22.(43:32):


By SGT Report | First published at 03:08 UTC on April 13th, 2022.

Dane Wigington returns to SGT Report with an emergency update. Global ecosystems are being systematically ANNIHILATED by climate engineering. We are literally running out of time to save ourselves. Please spread this far and wide.


Climate Engineering Real Cause of Coming Food Shortage – Dane Wigington | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunter’s – March 29, 2022

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington contends the coming food shortage that President Biden recently mentioned is not because of the Ukraine/Russia conflict.  Wigington explains, “The bottom line is we have crops collapsing all over the globe.  Although the causes are many . . . climate engineering must be considered a core causal factor at this point.  The assault against food producing regions has been relentless. . . . We can only consider it an assault against food production at this time.”

Read more & Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with climate researcher Dane Wigington, founder of for 3.29.22.  (There is much more in the 41 min. interview.): Climate Engineering Real Cause of Coming Food Shortage – Dane Wigington — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Dutch Parliament to discuss Geo-engineering(Chemtrails)

March 16, 2022


Dear Editor,

In 2006, I started the Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now citizen initiative. In October 2021, we reached the required 40,000 signatures to present it to the House of Representatives of the Netherlands. Initially to the Committee on Petitions and Citizens’ Initiatives. On March 22 between 13.45 and 14.00 we are going to offer it to the Committee on Petitions and Citizens’ Initiatives of the House of Representatives. Then it will go through some more procedures before we can start advocating the Citizens’ Initiative in the House of Representatives.

This Dutch initiative has worldwide importance and impact, because geo-engineering is a worldwide operation.

Read more: Dutch Parliament to discuss Geo-engineering — Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis

More information about Chemtrails/Geoengineering:

Chemtrails photos from the northern part of the Stockholm County, Sweden — September 9, 2021

Hi all

Some photos of chemtrails from the northern part of Stockholm county, Sweden.

The Earth Alliance & the White Hats Military when are you going to stop these criminal chemtrail spreadings? It is said by Dr. Charlie Ward that the White Hats military have everything under control? That all which is unfolding now is just a pantomime theatre? Also a pantomime theatre in the sky? When are you going to arrest the Swedish government for crimes against humanity? It’s time now, dear ones, to prove all the good you’ve done for humanity!

Copyright / TheLightHasWon

More information/facts about chemtrails/geoengineering:

(Video) Are Globalists Controlling the Weather to Cause Agro-Terrorism on Our Food Supplies? | Health Impact News

Health Impact News – June 14, 2021

by Dane Wigington

Unprecedented climate and temperature whiplash scenarios are wreaking havoc on agricultural production all over the world.

Read more & video(55:44): “Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 12, 2021, #305 ( Dane Wigington )”