West Coast Fires: The Forests Are Dying Due to Geoengineering | Humans Are Free – Sept 13, 2020

West Coast Fires

Humans Are Free | By Brian Shilhavy,

We are currently seeing unprecedented numbers of forest fires along the West Coast of the United States. The sheer volume of fires and acreage involved is something that has never been seen before.

And while some are starting to report that arsonists have been arrested in some locations which may point to a planned operation to start these forest fires, the real underlying cause for these fires is largely NOT being reported by the media.

The official government position is that we just have not been cutting down enough trees, and that most of these fires are “natural,” being ignited by lightning or other natural causes.

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Dane Wigington: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

Forskare och expert på bränsle: oljebolag tillsätter svaveldioxid i flygbränsle för geoengineering | VAKEN.se – 7 Sept, 2020

geoengineering svaveldioxid

VAKEN.se | palbergstrom.com

Myndigheter förnekar att det pågår geoengineering. Problemet är att teorier och forskning inom geoengineering ser ut precis som det man förnekar varför bortförklaringar inte är godtagbara.

Forskare och expert på bränsle: oljebolag tillsätter svaveldioxid i flygbränsle för geoengineering — VAKEN.se

Chemtrails Spread by the Swedish Government – July 17, 2020

Hi all

Chemtrails almost every day. Why don´t you the White Hats/ the Alliance stop these toxic chemtrails? This activity of spreading toxic heavy metals from jets in the skies has been going on since the 70’s? Images from today July 17, the northern parts of the Stockholm county, Sweden. /TheLightHasWon

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Updated July 18, 2020

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A PhD Authored, Peer Reviewed Conspiracy Theory? | Activist Post – July 5, 2020

Activist PostBy Peter A. Kirby

A world famous PhD scientist has had 23 peer reviewed journal articles published supporting the chemtrail hypothesis. The chemtrail hypothesis states that we are being routinely and intentionally sprayed with massive amounts of particulate matter from high-flying jet aircraft.

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Geoengineering: Mirror, Mirror In The Sky — Humans Are Free – March 3, 2020

Alberta, Canada Chemtrails Geoengineering

(Humans Are Free)  “We’re going to build a mirror factory first and put out nothing but mirrors for the next year and take a long look in them.” – Fahrenheit 451 (1953)

The revelation of the climate engineering nightmare couldn’t come to me at a worse time in my life as I was physically and emotionally depleted. At the age of forty four I felt like I was being put through yet another test and my choice was fight or flight. →

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Climate Engineering: New Film Footage Confirmation — Humans Are Free – March 3, 2020

Screenshot 2020 02 29 At 16.13.50

(Humans Are Free)  The climate science community is increasingly calling for massive global climate engineering / solar radiation management operations to be immediately deployed to mitigate climate collapse.

They tell us that if climate engineering atmospheric spraying operations were to occur, that our skies would look exactly like they already look.

Yet, academia is still pushing the false narrative that the lingering and expanding jet aircraft trails in our skies are only a result of “condensation”. →

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(Video) Rosa Koire: UN Agenda 2030 exposed – February 9, 2020

Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed

Video (20:13): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PrY7nFbwAY

Congress Now Funding ‘Controversial’ Geoengineering ‘Plan B’ to Spray Particles in the Sky to Cool Earth — Waking Times – February 1, 2020

detox chemtrail

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project
Waking Times

It was reported this month that the top climate change scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has received $4 million in funding from Congress along with permission to study two highly controversial geoengineering methods in an attempt to cool the Earth. According to Science Magazine, David Fahey, director of the Chemical Sciences Division of NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory, told his staff last week that the federal government is ready to examine the science behind “geoengineering”—or what he dubbed a “Plan B” for climate change.

What could possibly go wrong? →

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The Ozone Layer Recovery Lie And Climate Engineering Denial, Both Are Breaking Down — Humans Are Free – January 21, 2020

Haarp Clouds

(Humans Are Free)  Until recently official sources have pushed the patently false narrative that Earth’s ozone layer was recovering, that blatant lie is now becoming impossible to maintain. →

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