Polen nästa land att lämna EU (Poxit)? — NewsVoice – 14 Februari, 2020

Warszawa i Polen. Foto: Radek Kołakowski. Licens: Public Domain (CC0), Wikimedia Commons

(NewsVoice) GEOPOLITIK & ANALYS. Jag har tidigare skrivit om detta några gånger och nu verkar EU själva verkligen driva på för att Polen skall ta beslut om utträde ur EU. Det som förvånar är att EU tycks tro att man via diktat skall kunna få Polen att dansa efter EU:s pipa, men knappast troligt om jag gissar. →

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Geopolitiken runt Al-Baghdadi, Trump, Q och den eftertraktade oljan — NewsVoice.se – 2 November, 2019

(NewsVoice.se)  GEOPOLITISK KOMMENTAR. För oss som följer händelseutvecklingen i USA var förra söndagens intresseväckande tweet från Trump en inbjudan till att poppa lite popcorn. Tweeten handlade om tillslaget mot Daesh-ledaren Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Margareta Persson kommenterar omständigheterna runt tillslaget och Qanons tweets. →

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SyrianGirl om Golanhöjderna och Genie Energy — VAKEN.se – 26 Mars, 2019

SyrianGirl (Mimi Al Laham) ger sin syn på Israels ockupation av Golanhöjderna och energibolaget Genie Energys intressen. The post SyrianGirl om Golanhöjderna och Genie Energy appeared first on VAKEN.se.

video: The Truth about Syria’s Golan Heights and #GenieEnergy” (10:27) via SyrianGirl om Golanhöjderna och Genie Energy — VAKEN.se

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Axis of Evil Being Taken Down — Era of Light – October 25, 2018

The battle raging at the highest levels of world power is reaching a climax of sorts, with an ongoing operation to take down the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia and end their control of the petrodollar system, multiple sources agree. The so-called murder of Nazi Muslim Brotherhood agent and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi…..Read more

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Benjamin Fulford: Khashoggi and Gruesome Halloween Tales — October 18, 2018

Benjamin Fulford: Khashoggi + Gruesome Halloween Tales, October 18, 2018

October 21, 2018

Source: Prepare for Change | By Megan Edwards

On October 18, 2018, Richard and Meg of PrepareForChange.net continued 2018 interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

The transcript will be posted here, in a week or two, below the links to the previous 2018 interviews.

Warning: There is some graphic information described in this interview. 

Benjamin talks in this interview about how the disappearance of the Khashoggi, the Washington Post columnist, is related to other unrest in the Middle East as well as even Japan, that Crown Prince Bin Salman was taken out in April, and he discusses other recent worldwide evidence that the old order is not working any more.

Benjamin Fulford Continues to Work to Liberate the Planet

Benjamin Fulford continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

This interview is about 50 minutes long and we hope you enjoy it.

Let’s take our cue from Benjamin Fulford… and turn our world into a wonderful place!

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Operation Disclosure

Benjamin Fulford Report: “Fall of the Zionist House of Saud” — October 15, 2018

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

The fall of the Zionist house of Saud plus possible coup attempt in Russia

By Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

World events are quickly coming to a head, with a major move against the house of Saud and a possible coup attempt this weekend against Russian President Vladimir Putin, say Pentagon, CIA, and FSB sources.

First, the murder (or psy-ops staged murder) of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi is part of a move to remove the Zionist/Satanic house of Saud from control of Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern oil, according to Pentagon and CIA sources. The operation is also aimed at grabbing funds to keep the bankrupt U.S. afloat, CIA sources say.

This is how the CIA summed up the situation:

“The U.S. Treasury is holding between $3-5 TRILLION of Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars, which have been accumulating since the 70’s when this whole petrodollar sleight of hand began (around the same time that Nixon closed the gold window). These trillions have been confiscated and will not be returned. The same for the thousands of tons of gold stored in Credit Suisse and UBS banks in Switzerland, which was owned by Saudi Arabia (the House of Saud). It has been confiscated as well. It is game over financially for the Zionist Khazarian House of Saud. This really is Game-Set-Match.”

It is also no coincidence the Khashoggi incident happened just as the head of the CIA in Turkey, “Pastor” Andrew Brunson, was released from Turkish prison. The longer-term scenario will be for Turkey to resume control of its former holdings in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, while Israel becomes a Jewish autonomous zone under Turkish protection, the sources say.

As a preliminary step, “Saudi clown prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) may be purged, as Saudi Arabia is facing Western sanctions and boycotts in a dry run for an attack on Israel when 9/11 documents are declassified,” Pentagon sources add.

We will discuss this further below, but as this newsletter was about to be published we got urgent communications from FSB sources about an attempted coup this weekend against Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the sources, a big move against the autonomous Donbass region of the Ukraine by “Rothschild forces” led to a “huge dispute inside the Russian general staff with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu backing former FSB head and Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev as the new Russian leader,” the sources say. However, Putin was evacuated from Moscow, supported by “three patriotic generals,” and the coup was averted with the help of Russian special forces, the sources say.

This preliminary intelligence may be linked to the following report from CIA sources claiming that “various world leaders have been called to Russia for a meeting with Putin but no one came from the USA. They were not allowed any representation whatsoever. What is Putin planning with the rest of the world leaders?”

The reported coup attempt coincides with a sudden upsurge of fighting in the Eastern Ukraine, as reported by multiple regional news outlets.

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Benjamin Fulford Report: “Desperate Khazarian Mafia” — October 1, 2018

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Desperate Khazarian mafia is plotting fake alien invasion as Trump assassination fails

By Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

The Khazarian mafia is planning a fake alien invasion after their most recent attempt to assassinate U.S. President Donald Trump failed, say Pentagon and CIA sources. The assassination attempt came in the form of a missile that was shot at Air Force One by an Israeli submarine, Pentagon sources say. “Life imitates art, as the hunt for red October may mean Israeli and cabal submarines are sunk. The October surprise may be bloody,” the sources add.

It is now apparent that the Khazarian mafia pulled out all the stops to delay the Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in order to buy time for their assassination attempt. Instead, their move is backfiring big time, as the Senate prepares to take legal action against the people making false accusations against Kavanaugh—something you can confirm from the Senate Judiciary Committee’s own home page.

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