Tvångsvaccinering på framfart i Europa – så här protesterar du!(Petition) – 25 Juli, 2017


Trenden är tydlig. Allt fler ledande politiker och enskilda länder i Europa proklamerar för införandet av tvångsvaccinering. Ställer du upp på det? Om inte, så är det dags att reagera och agera. Just nu pågår det en kampanj för att lyfta frågan och ge medborgarna en röst mot denna utveckling i Europa. EFVV (European Forum…

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Protect the Grand Canyon from Uranium Mining – July 7, 2017


Grand Canyon

The uranium industry and its political pals want President Trump to open 1 million acres near Grand Canyon National Park to new toxic uranium mining.

The Grand Canyon region already suffers from a deadly legacy of uranium pollution from past mining. New mining would worsen that by industrializing the landscape while threatening endangered species, American Indian sacred sites and aquifers that feed Grand Canyon’s springs.

To avoid those impacts, the Obama administration in 2012 banned new uranium mining across 1 million acres near the park. Now uranium proponents want Trump to lift that ban. The world—and especially Grand Canyon—doesn’t need any more deadly uranium pollution.

Please sign this petition now to demand that President Trump protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining.

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In Spite Of Media Silence, 50,000 Urge Trump To Investigate Seth Rich’s Murder – June 6, 2017

In spite of the media’s silence and refusal to cover the topic, 50,000 Americans are urging President Donald Trump to investigate the murder of DNC staffer, Seth Rich. It’s the topic that no congress member or the media even wants to touch unless they dub those who search for the truth “conspiracy theorists.” There are…

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Help Destroy the “Russiagate” Psyop Once And For All- Sign Petition Asking White House to Investigate the Seth Rich Murder (VIDEO) — June 5, 2017

The now growing details surrounding the murder of DNC insider and IT specialist Seth Rich is now going viral and has given birth to a petition which can be found on As of the time of this writing the petition titled- “Appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the murder of Seth Rich, the alleged…

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Stop the world’s biggest whale slaughter – SIGN – March 22, 2017


Stop the world’s biggest
whale slaughter!

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” “Sign the petition to the Norwegian government, the European Commission and all leaders of countries that allow Norwegian whale shipments to pass through:
“As concerned global citizens we appeal to the Norwegian government to end the whale slaughter, and to all others to close your ports to Norwegian whale meat shipments. Your decision will set precedent that could save thousands of whales, and help stop whaling across Europe. “
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In just a few days, Norway will start up a horrific annual tradition — the ruthless slaughter of hundreds of whales. But we’ve got a strategy to say ‘NO WAY!’

Whales are awe-inspiring, beautiful beings. We now know they communicate with each other in song, and experience human-like emotions. But in Norway, every year these amazing creatures are hunted down and killed, then hacked apart to become animal feed and ingredients in beauty products. It’s unbearable.

Norway has managed to slip under the radar as the #1 whale slaughtering country. But if we now rally unprecedented global outrage, we can push Europe to close its ports to Norway’s whalers. We did it with Iceland — let’s do it again!” ” 

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STOP GLYPHOSATE – European ban on glyphosate – Because we want a future without toxic pesticides – Sign – March 21, 2017

Stop Glyposate Now

Take action now: Sign our Citizens Initiative against Monsanto’s cancer- inducing poison

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Petition-President Obama: Stop the Dakota Access Bakken Pipeline! – Sept.08 – 2016

Pipeline construction


“Dakota Access is proposing a 1,134-mile-long crude oil pipeline through North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois that will threaten our air, water, land, property rights and climate.

It is proposed to go through tribal lands — lands that belong to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, as stated in a treaty with the United States. The U.S. government has no right to hand over this land to a private oil company.

President Obama must honor the treaty with the Standing Rock Sioux and stand firm on his commitment to tackle climate change. He must use his authority to deny the Dakota Access Bakken pipeline…..”

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