(Video) Couple spotted huge bright UFO flying over Lakeview, Ohio 18-Jul-2020 — Latest UFO sightings – July 28, 2020


Latest UFO Sightings

New footage of a bright unidentified flying object that was filmed in the sky above Lakeview, Ohio. This event happened on 18th July 2020.

Witness report: →

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Latest UFO Sightings Reports (Images, Videos) – July 2020

Latest UFO Sightings

Latest UFO sightings that were submitted through our report page and Facebook page.

Denver, CO 7/8/20
Incredibly bright saucer that would completely disappear for minutes and then come back big and bright. Shape seemed to change but overall looked like a small ball and large saucer. Beams of light were 3-5 shining down and 1 shining upward. White and orange light, beams were green and blue. Many stars were out and this was significantly larger, brighter and busier than any other star. I opened my star gazing app to map the object which did briefly have a rocket flying near its path. The rocket was never visible to our eyes or camera. Saturn and Jupiter are visible this time of year but they were about 20 degrees east and still too low in the horizon to identify. →

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FAST UFO filmed by Colombian pilot | Latest UFO sightings – July 8, 2020

ufo filmed by pilot

(Latest UFO Sightings) I just came across this truly awesome UFO video.

Allegedly it was filmed over Medellin in Colombia on January 1st this year by Viva Air pilot.

You can see this really fast object or sphere flying over the sky near near the plane of Colombian low-cost airline. →

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(Video) UFO landed in front of the witness in Clinton, New York 13-Jun-2020 — Latest UFO sightings – June 20, 2020

(Latest UFO Sightings)  Here’s one mind blowing video! But that’s just in case if it is real. This small UFO or orb was filmed by a person in Clinton, New York on 13th June 2020.

What do you guys think about this footage? I would really like to hear your comment!

Witness report: The sighting really freaked me out i couldn’t believe what was happening. if i didn’t record it i would think it was a dream. my phone camera stopped working right before the ufo shot straight up in the air audio removed due to swearing

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Multiple UFOs filmed during SpaceX launch yesterday! — Latest UFO sightings – May 31, 2020

(Latest UFO sightings)  These three videos of unidentified flying objects were filmed in during SpaceX launch on 30th May 2020 when a rocket ship built by Elon Musk’s company lifted off with two astronauts on a history-making flight to ISS.

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At Space Force Flag Unveiling Trump Heralds Secret Space Program Technology Releases — New Exopolitics.org Article – May 18, 2020


At the unveiling of the Space Force’s new flag on May 15, President Donald Trump delivered remarks claiming that Space Force is the first attempt by the US to deploy weapons and military forces in space, and the US is merely reacting to what China and Russia have previously done with their own respective space forces. Trump referred to fantastic new weapons systems that are being developed for Space Force, which are far more powerful than anything possessed by China and Russia.

Trump’s remarks are highly significant. They reveal a covert strategy of transferring weapons systems acquired secretly by a decades-long US Air Force led secret space program to Space Force, and proclaiming these as new weapons designed to counter recent Chinese and Russian advances in space technology.

Here’s what Trump said at the flag unveiling ceremony: →

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