Video: Mel K and Charlie Ward Monday Morning Meeting 5-24-2021

By THE MEL K SHOW | First published at 16:36 UTC on May 24th, 2021.

Mel and Charlie share thoughts as we start another week of the peaceful American Revolution 2.0 and the global movement to regain sovereignty, peace and prosperity. #GodWins


Donald J. Trump 2:12pm May 15, 2021

A devastating letter written by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann on voting irregularities, and probably fraud, in Maricopa County during the 2020 Presidential Election.

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By THE MEL K SHOW | First published at 15:24 UTC on May 14th, 2021.

Mel K welcomes the unstoppable Gail Golec, Arizona GOP Precinct Head, to discuss the shenanigans in Maricopa Country, significant illegal activity, and the pathetic attempts by DNC Operatives and Federal Biden DOJ Officials intimidating and bullying the free people of Arizona in their quest for the truth of the 2020 election fraud. Power back to the people is imminent. Do not give up, do not give in. Truth matters more than ever. God Save America!! #GODWINS


Video x 2: X22 Report 2472 — The Economic War Is Real | Trump Prepares The Offensive

By X22 Report – Published May 7, 2021

Ep. 2472a – [CB] Reveals Their Plan, Conspiracy No More, The Economic War Is Real

[JB] says the economy is right on track, on track for the [CB] plan to bring us into the great reset. The MSM could not believe the job numbers. The economy is now falling apart. The [CB] has revealed their plan, total control of the currency world wide. This time the people have a choice.


Ep. 2472b – Trump Prepares The Offensive, Transparency, Facts, Truth Is The Only Way Forward

The patriots are now preparing the offensive, the [DS] is trying to get ahead of the election fraud story. The people will learn the truth and the facts. The [DS] is panicking and they are scrambling to stop the audit, Jen Psaki said she will be leaving in a year, the Atlanta mayor will not run again. The [DS] is in trouble, people are seeing the truth and as more do the [DS] will come crashing down. The offensive has just begun, get ready because this summer is going to get really hot.


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Absolute Interference Documentary by Mike Lindell | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunter’s – May 4, 2021

Nobody is doing more to reveal and draw attention to the massive election fraud of 2020 than My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.  His second documentary on this profound national security disaster is brought out in “Absolute Interference.”  If you want to be informed, this is a must watch video.  This is a free download that I am running to help draw attention to an issue that affects all Americans here on  This is a 2 hour documentary packed with information about how the 2020 Election was hacked by foreign players.

Read more & Absolute Interference Documentary by Mike Lindell — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Video x 2: X22 Report 2469 — [CB] Panics Over Inflation | Census Reveals Election Anomalies

By X22 Report – Published May 4, 2021

Ep 2469a – [CB] Panics Over Inflation, Moves To Counter It 70’s Style, Big Fail

The big tax increase that most people will not see comes in the form of inflation, it is the hidden tax the [CB] imposes on the people. With energy, food, lumber and many other prices moving up people are going to feel the pain. The [CB] is panicking over inflation, they are now signaling a rate increase. This will fail.


Ep 2469b – The Code Has Been Broken, Census Reveals Election Anomalies, Tick Tock

The patriots are moving forward with the audit. The [DS]/corrupt politicians are being exposed, the people are waking up quickly. The politicians are being booed. The election fraud will be exposed, the codes on the computer systems are being broken and the census data does not match what happened in the 2020 election. It’s only a matter of time, tick tock.


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Video x 2: X22 Report 2468 — Businesses Are Beginning To Accept Alternate Currency | Election Fraud Will Be Known As The “BIG LIE”

By X22 Report – Published May 3, 2021

Ep. 2468a – It Has Begun, Businesses Are Beginning To Accept Alternate Currency

The push for the great reset is failing, people are rejecting their electric vehicles. Biden has now told everyone that anyone making 400,000 or less will not have to pay taxes. The [CB] is losing the battle, more and more businesses are accepting cryptocurrency.


Ep. 2468b – Election Fraud Will Be Known As The “BIG LIE”, We Caught Them All, We Have It All

The people around the country are waking up and they are pushing back against the [DS] agenda. More and more will rise up because they hear the calling. The [DS] is pushing everything they have to stop the audit, they have planes flying overhead, they have carnivals setting up next to the audit they have people sneaking in, nothing will stop this. Trump issues a statement that election fraud will be the biggest lie ever told. The patriots are now on the offensive, pushing the [DS] to expose it all and when they do its game over.


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Video x 2: X22 Report 2467 — They Don’t Want You To Know | Election Fraud Panic Intensifies

By X22 Report – Published May 2, 2021

Ep. 2467a – Panic Sets In, They Know Whats Coming, They Don’t Want You To Know

The big tech machine became wealthier in Biden’s first 100 days. [JB] is pushing for more food stamps, the question is why if the economy is going to be incredible? The [CB] are panicking, they know inflation is coming, they know when this hits it will destroy their system, it will push gold/silver and crypto to the moon, they are doomed.


Ep. 2467b – Soon They Won’t Be Able To Walk Down The Street, Election Fraud Panic Intensifies

 The [DS]/MSM are panicking over the audit. They are planning to stop it, and if it cannot be stopped they will black out all communications, all assets will be deployed from allowing the public to know. When the [MS]/[MSM] does this it is game over, this will show censorship like we have never seen before. The news is fake, the war is real. It has already begun, soon those people who are treasonous will not be able to walk down the street. 


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USA Gangster Government – Alex Newman | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s (5.1.2021 Saturday Post)

Journalist Alex Newman says the rule of law is disappearing in America.  You can see it in the thug tactics of raiding the office of the President’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani to the election audit finally underway in Arizona that is sure to reveal massive ballot fraud.  Newman contends, “This is one of the biggest stories out there, which is why you won’t find much of it on legacy propaganda media. . . .  Arizona is ground zero. . . . If they find fraud, and I believe they have and will find more, that means all these races get thrown into question.

Read more & video(40:35): USA Gangster Government – Alex Newman — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog