By Kerry Cassidy – November 30, 2022

What happens when you have the solution.  You have the evidence, the proof.  It’s game over.  Or is it?

One thing my interview with Loy Brunson outed is that the good guys don’t really want to reach the finish line just yet.  The brothers took the direct simple approach.  We have clear proof that our officers of government, Congress and Senate by and large are traitors.  They didn’t defend us or our right to vote. They didn’t defend the constitution.  And during the 2020 Election they demonstrated willful negligence in essence TREASON and there was a clear BREACH OF OUR NATIONAL SECURITY FROM WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT.  It is documented and incontrovertible.

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of November 12, 2022 | Operation Disclosure

Saturday, 12 November 2022

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Sat. 12 Nov. 2022

Compiled Sat. 12 Nov. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

The US Has Been Under Active Martial Law Since March 2020
The stolen Elections of 2020 and 2022 were Military Operations to see who conspired in Treason in the Deep State Military Coup of the elections.
US-Global Recession Imminent
Crypto Giant Files for Bankruptcy
Supreme Court Ruled 2020 Election Invalid
Mass Media Appeared Complicit in Massive 2022 Midterm Election Fraud
Biden Laptop 650 Page Report on Biden Family Corruption tied to CCP
Lacking Evidence, Jan. 6 House Committee Referred Trump For Criminal Indictment

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VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2834 — The Fed Is In Trouble, Structure Change Coming, Think Treasury || Schiff Panics, Exposes Agenda, Posse Comitatus, It All Revolves Around The 2020 Election

X22 Report – Published July 26, 2022

Ep. 2834a – The Fed Is In Trouble, Structure Change Coming, Think Treasury

The people of the world are now seeing the tyrants and they are fighting back. The [WEF]/[CB] do not represent the people, if they did you won’t be seeing protests. Energy costs are skyrocketing in the EU. The Fed is in trouble, treasury will begin to help, structure change coming.

Video(18:51): https://rumble.com/v1dq4zl-ep.-2834a-the-fed-is-in-trouble-structure-change-coming-think-treasury.html

Ep. 2834b – Schiff Panics, Exposes Agenda, Posse Comitatus, It All Revolves Around The 2020 Election

The [DS] played their hand and now the people see what they have done, this is just the beginning. [HB] laptop story back in the news. The IG confirms that the FBI was involved in covering up the [HB] laptop story. Decertification of the 2020 election is moving closer and closer, everything revolves around the 2020 election. Schiff exposed the truth of J6, now the spotlight is on him, DOD, DOJ,FBI etc, were they involved in coordinating the insurrection on Nov 3 and the cover up on Jan 6.

Video(47:43): https://rumble.com/v1dq39d-ep.-2834b-schiff-panics-exposes-agenda-posse-comitatus-it-all-revolves-arou.html

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2831 — The [WEF]/[CB] Agenda Is About To Backfire On Them, Watch Putin || Sometimes You Must Lose A Battle To Win The War, Election Decertification Moves Forward

X22 Report – Published July 22, 2022

Ep. 2831a – The [WEF]/[CB] Agenda Is About To Backfire On Them, Watch Putin

The climate agenda is falling apart, the people are not with the [WEF], they can see through their agenda. Putin makes deal with Ukraine to allow grain to be shipped out of Black Sea ports and he meets with Opec.

Video(14:47): https://rumble.com/v1d9pxb-ep.-2831a-the-wefcb-agenda-is-about-to-backfire-on-them-watch-putin.html

Ep. 2831b – Sometimes You Must Lose A Battle To Win The War, Election Decertification Moves Forward

The [DS] believes they are in control, but the people are now seeing that they do not follow the rule of law which makes them criminals. This is an information war and sometimes you must lose a battle to win the war. Steve Bannon was convicted on 2 counts, did this just set a precedent. Think about what is coming, Durham just released 30 subpoenas and Weiss will be next. Think about the investigation of the house and senate when the patriots take over, are we going to subpoenas issued according to the rule of law. What happens now when those individuals defy a subpoena. Wisconsin moves close to decertifying the 2020 election.

Video(50:46): https://rumble.com/v1d9obr-ep.-2831b-sometimes-you-must-lose-a-battle-to-win-the-war-election-decertif.html

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

VIDEO LIVE: Zack Exposes Pompeo Coverup of ItalyGate, Zelenskyy False Flag Legacy, Miami Open Bioweapon Hit | Stew Peters Network

By Stew Peters Network – Published April 6, 2022

Wednesday on the Stew Peters Show, Maria Zack, founder of Nations in Action, reveals more evidence behind the foreign operation to steal the 2020 election. Zack details the role Mike Pompeo played in the coverup of ItalyGate, and how General Flynn ignored the evidence pointing to Italy and a shadow government steal.

Read more & video(58:59): https://rumble.com/v100jbj-live-zack-exposes-pompeo-coverup-of-italygate-zelensky-false-flag-legacy-mi.html

Bombshell study finds more than 200,000 ballots from 2020 election with “mismatched signatures” indicating widespread fraud — NaturalNews.com

Friday, February 25, 2022 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) A newly published study reveals additional evidence that the 2020 presidential election in Arizona was stolen from President Donald Trump just like he and his campaign surrogates and attorneys have insisted now for more than a year.

The study, by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai of MIT, found more than 200,000 ballots from the election contained “mismatched signatures” and they were all counted in Maricopa County without being “cured” — that is, reviewed for accuracy and summarily fixed or rejected, as the law requires.

Read more: Bombshell study finds more than 200,000 ballots from 2020 election with “mismatched signatures” indicating widespread fraud — NaturalNews.com

12 worst cases of Big Tech censorship in 2021 | NaturalNews.com

(Natural News) Big Tech and social media platforms censored conservatives in 2021 with a ruthlessness and standardization never seen before. (Article by Brian Bradley republished from NewsBusters.org) Silicon Valley Big Tech giants like Twitter and Facebook appear to have adopted an explicit policy to suppress conservative views and encourage the spread of leftist dogma, as several media reports have revealed.

12 worst cases of Big Tech censorship in 2021 — NaturalNews.com

US News & US Politics | Stew Peters Show

By Stew Peters Show – Published September 8

AZ AUDIT NUMBERS! “The Day America Has Been Waiting For”

Read more & video(29:08): https://rumble.com/vm9c2v-az-audit-numbers-the-day-america-has-been-waiting-for.html

Whistleblower! Nurse DESTROYS “Delta” Narrative, VACCINATED Patients Fill Hospital!

Read more & video(14:51): https://rumble.com/vm936v-whistleblower-nurse-destroys-delta-narrative-vaccinated-patients-fill-hospt.html

THREAT! “Shedding”, Breastfeeding, Self-Spreading “Contagious” Vaccines

Read more & video(8:00): https://rumble.com/vm91vx-threat-shedding-breastfeeding-self-spreading-contagious-vaccines.html

Mayo Clinic DIRECTLY Tied to World Economic Forum, Dominion Voting Systems!

Read more & video(11:19): https://rumble.com/vm914z-mayo-clinic-directly-tied-to-world-economic-forum-dominion-voting-systems.html

Fauci EXPOSED: Immediate Criminal Charges, Premeditated Mass Murder

Read more & video(6:39): https://rumble.com/vm8uuv-fauci-exposed-immediate-criminal-charges-premeditated-mass-murder.html

U.S. News-U.S Politics | Stew Peters Show — August 24, 2021

By Stew Peters Show – Published August 24, 2021

Did FDA Approve Pfizer ‘Vaccine’, or NO?


Video(6:53): https://rumble.com/vlmxup-did-fda-approve-pfizer-vaccine-or-no.html

Former FBI Agent: “We’re at War” – People Paralyzed With Fear, How to Prepare For Battle


Video(13:01): https://rumble.com/vlmv00-former-fbi-agent-were-at-war-people-paralyzed-with-fear-how-to-prepare-for-.html

Report: Feds Create Laws to Target, Jail Conservatives Opposing Biden Regime


Video(16:15): https://rumble.com/vlms26-report-feds-create-laws-to-target-jail-conservatives-opposing-biden-regime.html

Biden Paying Farmers to BURN CROPS, Un-Vaxxed No Fly List


Video(8:40): https://rumble.com/vlmt68-biden-paying-farmers-to-burn-crops-un-vaxxed-no-fly-list.html

LIVE From the UK! British Military Veteran Describes VAXX War on KIDS.


Video(11:15): https://rumble.com/vlmo0e-live-from-the-uk-british-military-veteran-describes-vaxx-war-on-kids..html

Stew Peters Show: Candidate for Governor Attacked, Censored, Faces Rigged Election Fighting Back HARD! | Real News

By Stew Peters Show – Published July 29, 2021

Rumble — Dr. Scott Jensen has been subjected to the deep state attack, censored on social media, discredited by ‘fact-checkers’ and faces the threat of a rigged election in Minnesota.

“It isn’t can we win, we HAVE to win”, said Dr. Jensen when discussing the reality of a transparent election amid 2020 election evidence suggesting a pre-determined outcome in favor of Democrats nationwide.

www.StewPeters.tv | www.DrScottJensen.com

Video(19:01): https://rumble.com/vkhtrh-candidate-for-governor-attacked-censored-faces-rigged-election-fighting-bac.html