REVEALED: The Global Spy Network That Controls Us All — November 5, 2019

By Suzi 3D

(Activist Post)  This is vital information: Suzie visually maps out the “intelligence empire” run by the NSA and explains it in an easy-to-understand way. Share this info! With her #1vs5i movement, courageous Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson is laying down some serious truth, and building a platform where we can work together to bring unlawful state targeting of citizens to an end. This short clip is from the 2nd “Opening The Five Eyes: Exposing The Spies” #1vs5i campaign event. →

Read more & videos: “REVEALED: The Global Spy Network That Controls Us All #1vs5i Short Clip” (11:56) and full video “Episode 2: Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing The Methods of the Spies – a #1vs5i Live Event” (2:54:04) via  — Activist Post(YouTube)