West Coast Fires: The Forests Are Dying Due to Geoengineering | Humans Are Free – Sept 13, 2020

West Coast Fires

Humans Are Free | By Brian Shilhavy,

We are currently seeing unprecedented numbers of forest fires along the West Coast of the United States. The sheer volume of fires and acreage involved is something that has never been seen before.

And while some are starting to report that arsonists have been arrested in some locations which may point to a planned operation to start these forest fires, the real underlying cause for these fires is largely NOT being reported by the media.

The official government position is that we just have not been cutting down enough trees, and that most of these fires are “natural,” being ignited by lightning or other natural causes.

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Dane Wigington: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

NASA, and the Criminal Denial of Climate Engineering — Humans Are Free – December 21, 2019

Denial Of Climate Engineering

(Humans Are Free)  NASA is nothing more than a tool for the military industrial complex to carry out their nefarious agendas and to cover up their tracks.

No matter how blatant and glaring the ongoing geoengineering atmospheric aerosol spraying is over our heads each and every day, so long as there is an “official agency” like NASA to tell the public it isn’t so, the geoengineering crimes of planetary omnicide continue to be hidden in plain site.

Perhaps the greatest lie the power structure has perpetrated on populations around the world is the “condensation trail” grand deception. ALL commercial airlines and ALL military tankers are outfitted with a “high bypass turbofan” jet engine. →

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Reader: Open Letter to President Trump – November 28, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Almost Poisoned to Death

Dear President Trump,

I am just curious as to how you protect yourself from the “Geothermal Aerosol Spraying”?

Do you take Zeolite regularly?

Do you take Silver Colloidal regularly?

What do you do to get rid of the heavy metals?

What do you eat to combat the chemicals from GMOs?

Do you drink Coca Cola?

How does the High Fructose Syrup effect you?

Are the Cell towers giving you headaches?

Does the Nanotechnology effect your body?

I just wanted to know so I can combat it too!

Did you know that on the day you came to Biloxi, these photos were taken shortly before you arrived.

See photos below…….

Did you see them?

You must see a lot of them flying so much, I know I use to when I flew, I even saw them go by spraying right in front of and beside the jet I was flying in.

So why is it ok to use Chemicals on Americans and a War Crime to use against any other country?

Now if I was President, I would halt all spraying, escort any jet caught spraying to the ground. Arrest the Pilot, confiscate the aircraft and Company doing so, arrest the ones responsible with the Company. Put out an Executive Order that no Aerosol spraying will take place over the skies of the United States, oops

united states 

Until all Geothermal Aerosol Spraying is halted it is a sign of the incapability to control this country.

If you can’t keep us safe in this manner how can we be safe any other way?


Almost Poisoned to Death

SourceOperation Disclosure

More about chemtrails: GeoEngineering Watch

Mainstream Scientist Exposes the Dangerous Reality of Chemtrails and Geoengineering — August 4, 2017

Over the past few years, the issue of geoengineering has been popularized. Mainstream media, academia, and government almost unanimously support the idea of geoengineering as a perceived solution to climate change while suppressing the evidence that it has actually been in use for some time without our consent. On the other hand, there is a…

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