VIDEO: Man-Made Climate Change Video Deleted in 21 Minutes! | Amazing Polly

AmazingPolly – Published September 29, 2022

They obviously do not want people to see the deleted VICE documentary about Weather Modification. My website:: . I explain the fastest ever Youtube takedown of a video and then show you the banned doc!


VIDEO: BOOM! Caught Red Handed Planning Monkeypox Pandemic | AmazingPolly

By AmazingPolly – Published May 20, 2022

BOOM! The Public Health Mafia is caught red handed planning another ‘outbreak’ from which they can terrorize the public and make bank. To support Polly’s work please go here: **THANK YOU & God Bless!**
First half is a review of monkeypox over the years and the second half is the BOOM!


VIDEO: Dead Spygate Whistleblower played Deep State BINGO | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published May 5, 2022

In this video I follow the life & intrigue of Val Broeksmit – this guy got up to some antics! Ties into the Durham Investigation, Deutsche Bank and other major events of the past. Buckle up!

Read more & video(49:54):

VIDEO: Soros, Soviets, Science and Blood – Fascinating History! | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published April 27, 2022

I pulled some threads on Soros in Russia (USSR). I found fascinating stories & mind-blowing connections! Join me for the ride!

Read more & video(58:20):

VIDEO: MEGA BOOM! Schwab’s Global Shapers Network Exposed! | Amazing Polly

By AmazingPolly – Published March 2, 2022

You’ve heard of the Young Global Leaders? Global Shapers is a second layer of penetration by the transhumanist Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. You won’t believe how deep this goes.
Must see & share!