Allvarliga vaccinskador och dödsfall inrapporterade i Sverige | Nya Dagbladet

Montage: NyD:Canstockphoto/ECDC

Nya Dagbladet – 13 Januari, 2021

Enligt Läkemedelsverket har sammanlagt 96 skador som misstänks vara orsakade av coronavaccinet redan rapporterats in, varav omkring hälften bedöms som mycket allvarliga. Dessutom har ytterligare en svensk åldring dött kort efter att denne vaccinerat sig.

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Severe childhood allergies to peanuts, eggs and dairy directly linked to ‘trace’ ingredients in common vaccines – November -10, 2018

October 05, 2016 by: S. D. Wells –

Peanut allergy

(NaturalNews) Have you read The Peanut Allergy Epidemic by historian Heather Fraser? She begins by asking us why the peanut allergy epidemic is only found in Western cultures, where at least 4 million people experience the mysterious phenomenon, yet there are virtually no reported cases in India, where peanuts just so happen to be the main ingredient in most baby food products.

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Pet vaccines are costly, toxic and dangerous – no wonder pets die earlier now (Short Video) – January 8, 2018

pets loveCould it be that most of your pet’s health problems are due to vaccines? Let’s examine the consequences of over-vaccinating your pet, and the pragmatics of this type of healthcare as it affects the pet and your bank account in ways you never imagined possible. Little did you know that pet vaccines create more problems than they solve. Every single vaccine can potentially start the clock for debilitating chronic diseases, allergies and disorders for your pet. Read more & short video at: