Decisions | Ananda — Voyages of Light – May 29, 2021


I made some decisions that left a hold of me.
really had me going crazy,
scared to make another wrong choice, from that voice inside
I let someone else make all my choices for me
it didn’t even bore me, I had so much company.
But, with the decisions they made on my behalf I watched as,
the little given to me turned into a ¼ of a ½.
This has been going on for so long even I became cool with that.
I called it “not complaining”.
But it was really settling for less,
or even less than that.
Somedays, the only thing I knew for sure I had, was my next breath.
Now I just want what I could have had back.
I want who I was before I was scared to be wrong.
Before I became so heart-lite and headstrong
Before your decisions veiled my divinity, my sovereignty, and then I acted accordingly.
Or was it the other way around?
Before I bought any of your stories and turned them into personalities, or the definition of me. All heaven- less, and hell – bound.
This is coming to an end; the ego relationship has run aground.

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Ego | A Poem by Ananda — Voyages of Light – May 28, 2021


To hell and back,
Where it knows only, lovelessness, guilt separation lack, and attack.
Like this or like that.
But nothing else, the ego hates truth but find solace in facts.
The ego uses the past to find solutions it created itself, never will it ask for help. It knows everything, yet totally blind.
When help comes the ego rejects it, if it’s not of it’s kind. Like truth tellers are never welcome on a give-away line.
What is this Ego? How did it come to be? When we turned our backs on the Holy spirit. We created something else to believe. And it’s unholy.
But with infinite grace and love that transcends both space and time. The Holy Spirit helps us get back in line. Using all we have created through separation and lack.
We learn from it, and get our true sight back. Holy Spirit brings healing so we can stand upright again. And we gift this to all who have turned away so that they too will see light again and then…we all win.
See everything with a spiritual lens instead of our physical eyes. The defunct chariot with half a horse and half a horsemen to which the ego rides.


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Voices of the Good Book | Ananda — Voyages of Light – May 27, 2021

Voices of the Good Book

Some voices spoke of vengeance, fear and death
Some voices spoke of love and togetherness,
Folly and misunderstanding saw contradiction,
Ignorance sees only fiction
The energy, motivations and diction are different. It’s not from the same beings. One was still mascerading, as the Supreme. Filled the world with his underlings.
The Bible when seen in this way is the ultimate display of what it will take to win the day.
Knowing the whole story
Leads to the crown of glory.
Both aspects with equal representation.
No need for separation. All of it held in creation.
Whole. This is why we call it Holy. Wholly not partially.
This Bible is love. Because only love is capable of looking at adversity and blessing it mightily.
Learning from it. Making peace with it and then blessing it so that, that which is said to be adversarial looks at the other side, without wanting to hide
for the first time and sees it’s own misinterpreted thoughts and choose love again.
From piece to peace we learn to release.
We learn through all of it, to discern, discern, discern.

In service to Unconditional Love,

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Behest | Poem by Ananda — Voyages of Light – March 9, 2021


At someone else’s behest
I confess
My life is filled with regret
I feel compresses
Can not express, why I am so upset
Without expression, I feel oppressed
Oppressed and transgressed
I want my best
Where is the rest
Heavy burdens upon my breast
I guess at the inquest
I leave all that is picturesque
Self-love I learned to ingest
Then I know my greatness, forgive my lateness
Behold greatness.

Poem by Ananda

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Ripples | Ananda — Voyages of Light – March 4, 2021


The ripple is not a pickle
But that which contains a clue to the truest truth of you
A drop from above, a disturbance of any kind
Bare gifts to our remembrances from beyond mind
Beyond space and time.
Like the doll, within a doll within a doll
Harken to the truth of it
The you’s of you
Multiple dimensions playing on the surface of life
When your ripple touches mine, we are together
on the bed of endless time

Poem by Ananda

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Lesson in Love Supreme | Ananda — Voyages of Light – March 4, 2021

“Lesson in Love Supreme”

Open, never close
A pathway made clear by love
you see it with a shift in perspective
A Willingness of recognition
Unlocks hidden doors
A you that has always been
Unseen, unknown, untouched by the harshness of life
Your innocence
Covered up with appearances and forgetfulness
Re-acquaintance is forever now…
moving pond like; disturbances veil the truth
Perception of the disturbance is not the truth
Stillness is you.

Poem by Ananda

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Love Wins | Poem by Ananda Kelley — Voyages of Light – Oct 3, 2020

Love wins
Hate ends
Love is the orchestration of a great Symphony
Hate is but the baton
Not the orchestration
It’s waves are but the ebb or flow focused on one side
What can be constructed in that way
Love comes with the other side
And behold the Symphony begins
Always with a standing ovation
We knew not how long we’ve been sitting down
Until love came it
Yes the banging of our hands together in applause hurts, burns and even sting but we sit down no more

Poem by Ananda

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Love | Poem by Ananda — Voyages of Light – March 20, 2020

A single drop of rain, knows your name.
A blade of grass can distinguish your laugh.
Every tree has heard your prayers and felt your every plea.
Every step you take is part of a chores line
To the song being sung that goes by the title, I am divine.
Your heart beats to the rhythm of earth
All the time.
The wind is the keeper of all your hopes and fears.
Those you talk about but also those you hold near.
Every child is accounted for by earth and all her record keeping.
How else can she provide for all the mouths she’s feeding?
And you dearest one, who thinks you are all alone. In the morning the birds will arrive to sing you a love song.
Not as throaty as Luther
Not as high pitch as McKnight.
But when you hear it…really stop to listen to it; everything is alright.
You are not a fragment in an otherwise
Grand puzzle.
You are love itself finding your way back home, and doing so as an expression and a definition because you came from love. So how can love not love you?
Love is all around you
See the blossoming tree
Pushing through all the crazy our lives look like right now and let it remind us. That the same love for life… that makes that happen we have also with us.
See the beauty
It’s all around you
You can add to it and make that your reality.


Source: Voyages of Light