Kanadensisk läkare: Patienter får allvarliga skador av Modernas covidvaccin | NewsVoice

NewsVoice – 2 Juni, 2021

MODERNAS COVIDVACCIN. Läkaren dr Charles Hoffe säger i en intervju med Robert F. Kennedy att tjänstemän i British Columbia hotat med att dra i hans läkarlegitimation och förbjuda honom att säga något negativt om covidvaccinet efter att Hoffe varnat för allvarliga hälsoeffekter av Modernas covidvaccin.

Läs mer & Country Doctor on Medical Experiments with Dr. Charles Hoffe. RFK Jr The Defender Podcast(33 min): Kanadensisk läkare: Patienter får allvarliga skador av Modernas covidvaccin — NewsVoice.se

Video (32:34): Dr. Tenpenny Expains In Simple Terms Some Of The Dangers of The Covid-19 “Vaccine” UPDATED with MD Transcript & Additional Links | Public Intelligence Blog

Public Intelligence Blog – March 9, 2021

It takes at least 6 weeks from the time you get your injection for the spike antibody to start to develop.  So, somewhere between 3 months and quite frankly 20 years.  The immunologist I spoke to said that over the next 10 years we are going to see this go on in perpetuity, because it can take anywhere from 2 years to 19 years to get full blown auto-immune disease.  I think we will see massive injuries and a lot more deaths starting somewhere between 4 and 18 months from now.   This Vaccine will permanently alter your immune system.

Read more & video: https://phibetaiota.net/2021/03/video-3234-dr-tenpenny-expains-in-simple-terms-some-of-the-dangers-of-the-covid-19-vaccine/#more-162877