The Final Wakeup Call: COVID Deception – Sept 17, 2020

COVID risk based on false information

The new normal is the old totalitarianism

Mandatory vaccinations

Unity gives power 

The Final Wakeup Call – Sept 17, 2020

Those who know the truth and don’t hesitate to spread it are silenced by cutting off the internet connection, and that’s what happened with this Website.

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If less than seven months ago you would have said that the whole world is going to wear face masks like monkeys, people would have declared you idiotic or a conspiracy theorist. Now five months later if you don’t wear that face mask you are the idiot in town. Meanwhile wearing a face mask cannot legally be mandated neither the prohibition of smoking in open air places is legally binding. When a medical doctor Benito in an TV-interview explains the truth  about the pandemic, the Spanish media is very hard hit! The video went viral over the whole world. Many anti-pandemic demonstrations outrage all of Spain, indicating that people are waking up.

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Nederlands: COVID Bedrog

COVID-risico overdreven op grond van valse informatie Het nieuwe normaal is het oude totalitarisme Verplichte vaccinaties   Degenen die de waarheid kennen en niet aarzelen te verspreiden, wordt het zwijgen opgelegd door de internetverbinding af te breken, en dat is…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: COVID Betrug

COVID-Risiko aufgrund falscher Informationen übertrieben Die neue Normalität ist der alte Totalitarismus Verpflichte Impfungen   Diejenigen, die die Wahrheit kennen und nicht zögern, sie zu verbreiten, werden durch das Unterbrechen der Internetverbindung zum Schweigen gebracht, und genau das ist mit…Continue Reading →

FN kräver 330 nya miljarder till coronavaccin | Nya Dagbladet – 11 Sept, 2020

(Nya Dagbladet) 130 miljarder som FN vill få in inom tre månader till sin nya coronainsamling kommer bara vara en början. Man hoppas att medlemsstaterna totalt ska gå med på att bidra med 35 miljarder dollar – 330 miljarder kronor – och uppmanar världens regeringar att gräva djupt i sina fickor efter pengarna. Hittills har man fått in en knapp tiondel av de medel som man anser sig behöva.

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Amerikanska CDC: Endast 9210 har dött av covid-19 – övriga hade andra dödsorsaker | Nya Dagbladet – 8 Sept, 2020

Foto: Canstockphoto

(Nya Dagbladet) Nya uppgifter från amerikanska myndigheter visar att endast drygt 9000 människor faktiskt dött av coronaviruset i USA, medan övriga 144 000 dödsfall som registrerats som covid-19 haft andra bakomliggande orsaker.

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(Video) Plandemic – Indoctornation: Watch The full Movie For Free – Aug 23, 2020

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Plandemic Free Download of Film and Clips

(Video Documentary/Dokumentär) Plandemic – Indoctrination | – Aug 19, 2020

Watch the film Plandemic – Indoctrination created by the people who made the power-censored Plandemic video with Dr. Judy Mikovits. This film shows what drives the vaccination agenda and how WHO, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Anthony Fauci and others are involved. They go through what really happened to the mass media, tech companies, the pharmaceutical industry and health authorities.

Se filmen Plandemic – Indoctrination som skapats av de människor som gjorde den kraftcensurerade Plandemic-videon med Dr. Judy Mikovits. Denna filmen visar vad som driver vaccinationsagendan och hur WHO, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Anthony Fauci med flera är iblandade. De går igenom vad som verkligen hände med massmedia, techbolagen, läkemedelsindustrin och hälsomyndigheter.

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(Video removed from YouTube)

The China Lockdown – Origin of the War Against the Population of Earth, Pretense of Containing the Virus | Waking Times – Aug 13, 2020

Jon RappoportGuest
Waking Times

Aug 12, 2020

Yes, once again, dear reader, we buckle up and venture into the mad, mad world where no one proved a new and unique coronavirus exists, but where all leaders assume it does.

Brief background: once a person accepts the notion that a new virus is exploding in epic fashion across the world, he is committed to a few inescapable propositions that flow from this assumption. The most important one: nothing will stop the virus except the acquisition of natural immunity by the population. →

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80 procent fick bieffekter i tester av nytt coronavaccin – Bill Gates pressad | Nya Dagbladet – 10 Aug, 2020

Foto: FM Scotland/CC BY-NC 2.0

(Nya Dagbladet)  Den profilerade vaccinlobbyisten och ultraglobalisten Bill Gates, som är med och lotsar utvecklingen av vacciner i USA i samarbete med den kontroversielle hälsomyndighetsdirektören Anthony Fauci, berättar i en intervju att han inte bekymras över det faktum att över 80 procent av de som testats med ett omtalat vaccin från läkemedelsföretaget Moderna rapporterats få bieffekter. →

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(Video) Amerikanska läkare: Fungerande läkemedel mot Covid-19 mörkläggs | Nya Dagbladet – 29 Juli, 2020

Akutvårdsspecialisten och initiativets grundare Simone Gold på presskonferensen i Washington DC. | Foto: faksimil/American Frontline Doctors

(Nya Dagbladet)  En grupp läkare har gått samman i USA för att meddela att det finns fungerande läkemedel mot Covid-19 och riktar skarp kritik mot att amerikanska läkare förhindras från att kunna erbjuda hydroxiklorokin, zithromax, azithromycin och zink till sina patienter. →

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New Docs: NIH Owns Half of Moderna Vaccine | Prepare For Change – July 13, 2020

Prepare For Change | By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense

New documents obtained by Axios and Public Citizen suggest that the National Institute of Health (NIH) owns half the key patent for Moderna’s controversial COVID vaccine and could collect half the royalties. In addition, four NIH scientists have filed their own provisional patent application as co-inventors. Little known NIH regulations let agency scientists collect up to $150,000.00 annually in royalties from vaccines upon which they worked. These rules are recipes for regulatory corruption. →

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Alternative News | Humans Are Free – July 10, 2020

Louis Farrakhan Anthony Fauci And Bill Gates Are Trying To 'depopulate The Earth' With Coronavirus Vaccines

Farrakhan: Anthony Fauci And Bill Gates Are Trying To ‘Depopulate The Earth’ With Coronavirus Vaccines

When Big Pharma finally unveils its newfangled vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) as early as this fall, the endgame is to “depopulate the Earth.” →

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Concern In Hong Kong As The Wuhan Coronavirus Spreads

America Needs To Stop Reacting To Coronavirus Like A Bunch Of Hysterics

Americans are learning how to cope with the virus in a common-sense way. That doesn’t mean being reckless, but neither does it mean cowering inside every day of every week and every month unless a vaccine shows up. →

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The Mask Is The Mark Of The Beast In Larval Form

The Mask Is The Mark Of The Beast In Larval Form

NOTE TO FACT CHECKERS: This is an editorial piece. It is my personal opinion. Nothing in the following collection of words can cause physical harm to anyone, nor can any of it be taken as offensive or be considered hate speech by any rational person. →

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One Hundred Dollar Bill With Medical Face Mask On George Washington

Major Tax Increases Are Coming Because Of Covid Fallout

Just prior to the global Coronavirus outbreak, serious signs of an emerging financial crisis began to emerge. As people were beginning to realize that yet another central bank engineered ‘bust’ was coming down on us, we were thrown into lockdown, shuttering millions of businesses and sending millions of people to the unemployment line. →

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War On Kids

Covid1984 And The Sadistic Captivity Of Our Children

Of all the depressing sights witnessed during the insane process of Covid home imprisonment, stupid social distancing and mask madness, the regimentation of children into predesignated playground / classroom ‘chalked-off zones’ is the one I find the most blood chilling. →

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How 36 Reporters Brought Us The Story Of The Twin Towers’ Expl

36 Reporters Described Explosions On 9/11

The widely held belief that the Twin Towers collapsed as a result of the airplane impacts and the resulting fires is, unbeknownst to most people, a revisionist theory. Among individuals who witnessed the event firsthand, the more prevalent hypothesis was that the Twin Towers had been brought down by massive explosions. →

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