Protect yourself from antibiotic resistance by using natural antibiotics | NaturalHealth365

by: Michelle Marks | August 18, 2021


(NaturalHealth365) Most of us are aware that antibiotics are powerful drugs that fight bacteria-related infections with harmful side effects.  Unfortunately, in today’s society of pill taking, we use too many antibiotics with the increasing danger of antibiotic resistance.  The problem is further compounded with antibiotics found in factory foods like dairy and meat products.

According to the CDDEP (The Center of Disease Dynamics, Economics, & Policy), the United States is one of the highest users of antibiotics – ranking fifth in the world.

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Jabbed individuals drive the evolution of vax-resistant COVID variants, study says | NaturalHealth365

by: Sara Middleton, staff writer | August 7, 2021


(NaturalHealth365) “Conspiracy theorists” have said a lot of things over the past year and a half: injection “passports” will be pushed onto the public, the science behind mask effectiveness is not clear-cut, lockdowns will do more harm than good.

Another thing so-called conspiracy theorists have been saying all along is that people who decline the experimental jab will be blamed for the proliferation of vax-resistant COVID virus variants … but new peer-reviewed data suggests that it’s the people who received the jab who could be contributing to these viral mutations.

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THIS sugar-alternative may lead the charge against deadly antibiotic resistance | NaturalHealth365


by: Lori Alton, staff writer | April 29, 2021

(NaturalHealth365) Every year, at least 2.8 million Americans develop an antibiotic-resistant infection – and more than 35,000 of them lose their lives.  Scientists warn that certain bacteria have become resistant to existing antimicrobial treatments, causing common infections to become difficult – or even impossible – to treat.  This frightening situation has led the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to label antibiotic resistance as one of the biggest public health challenges of our time – and has triggered a scramble among researchers to develop alternative antimicrobial strategies.

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Are painful ear infections driving you mad? Discover 5 essential oils for natural relief | NaturalHealth365


by: Lori Alton, staff writer | January 6, 2021

(NaturalHealth365) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls the problem of antibiotic resistance, one of the “biggest public health challenges” of our time.  Indeed, when pathogens become immune to the medications meant to combat them, it is a public health issue with frightening consequences.  Also known as antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic resistance affects nearly 3 million Americans and claims a shocking 35,000 lives each year.  Thankfully, essential oils have the ability to combat bacterial and viral infections.

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The 6 best antiviral essential oils | NaturalHealth365 – July 15, 2020


(NaturalHealth365) As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to decimate the economy and claim lives, researchers are racing to discover methods of treating, containing and controlling this highly contagious virus. This much is already known – in addition to physical distancing, hand washing and a healthy diet – the proper cleaning of surface areas is a wise choice.  So, today, we’ll focus on recent research that reveals the antiviral benefits of 6 essential oils.

While essential oils have long been used in aromatherapy to lift mood, combat fatigue, relieve headaches and support health, many people remain unaware of their potential for deactivating and inhibiting pathogens. →

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Important News about Bicarbonates, Cancer, the Pancreas, Diabetes and Fungal Infections — Prepare For Change – November 25, 2019

By Dr. Sircus,

(Prepare For Change)  As the worlds foremost expert on sodium bicarbonate use as a primer medicine I will break the second law of general semantics and yell from the top of the highest mountain through the strongest radio antenna that ALL cancer patients, all diabetics, AIDS and kidney patients, suffers of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease, autistic children, those who are about to be vaccinated and receive chemo and radiation therapy, or even get a CT or PET scan should be administered sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate or even magnesium bicarbonate. Magnesium bicarbonate is perfect because we are bringing magnesium in as an equal partner into everyone’s life. →

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Household chemicals promote antibiotic resistance — NaturalHealth365 – October 23, 2019

(NaturalHealth365) In an attempt to clear out all of the undesirable bacterial invaders that enter the home each day, millions of Americans spray and wash with antibacterial soaps.  Yet, most people never get told that “cleaning” with these products actually cause more harm than good, like increasing the risk of antibiotic resistance. →

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4 herbal remedies designed to eliminate the threat of urinary tract infections — NaturalHealth365 – October 7, 2019

(NaturalHealth365) Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the most common form of bacterial infection, triggering emergency room visits for roughly a million Americans every year.  Women are far more susceptible than men, with fully one third of women experiencing a UTI by age 24. Western medicine attempts to treat UTIs with broad-spectrum antibiotics – which can cause a variety of toxic side effects, as well as contributing to the growing global epidemic of antibiotic resistance. These dangerous drawbacks have caused many scientists to stress the urgent need for alternate, natural therapies for UTIs. →

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Brazilian Peppertree found to disarm deadly MRSA bacteria — – March 16, 2019

(Natural News) Tropical rainforests such as the South-American Amazon are the world’s most precious medicine cabinets. Today, more than 120 commonly used prescription drugs are derived directly from rainforest plants. As antibiotics start to fail, widespread antibiotic resistance is becoming a real thing. Now more than ever, people are returning to nature to find answers to combat their modern health issues.

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How to survive the wave of antibiotic resistant superbugs unleashed by modern medicine — – December 15, 2018

(Natural News) The word “antibiotic” is a combination of the words “anti”, meaning “against”, and “biotic”, meaning “life”. It essentially means that antibiotics are “against life” as they are used to fight living bacteria that can cause harmful diseases. The problem is that when antibiotics are overused, this can result in antibiotic-resistant superbugs that can contribute…..Read more

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